August 6, 2021


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Mido: If the name of Pyramids had been changed to another, his relationship with Al-Ahly would have improved

hmed Hossam Mido, the technical advisor to the Pyramids team, revealed his opinion about Aruabarina, the technical director of the team, and the possibility of his departure.
In statements to “Ontime Sport” channel, he confirmed that Aruabarina does not accept interference in his work at all, stressing that his job is to explain the way the Egyptian player thinks to the coach and how to deal with him, but the way of playing or the choices of the players is his specialty.

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He added that the secret of the team’s performance was the reason for the sudden payment of 7 or 8 players in the basic strength of the team, despite their coming from different schools, stressing that any other team would have been exposed to the same thing and

continued that in the coming period he is striving to improve the club’s relationship with the media. Training for the media once a month.
As for the relationship of Pyramids with Al-Ahly, he emphasized that the crisis was between Al-Ahly and the previous administration, stressing that the current administration is oppressed and its goal is investment only, not Al-Ahly or Zamalek.

He added that the club’s name should have been changed with the departure of the previous administration, which would have improved the club’s relationship with Al-Ahly.

epresentative Amira Al-Haddad, a member of the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee in the House of Representatives, said that the committee called for an increase in the price of all crops, saying that they demanded an improvement in increasing the price of crops, not under the condition of wheat only, pointing out that there were no final decisions that had been taken.
Al-Haddad added, in exclusive statements to “Echo of the Country”, that the farmer suffers from a lack of income and that the production of agricultural crops is fruitless and unprofitable for the farmer, adding as for the wheat crop, it is a major crop and its price must be raised in order to encourage the farmer to cultivate his land and not abandon it, otherwise we will return to import wheat. From outside .

A member of the Agriculture Committee indicated that the Peasants’ Union in the new law will have a role, explaining that the laws that will be discussed in the coming period will stand next to the farmer.

Hussein Abd al-Rahman Abu Saddam, the head of the General Peasants ’Syndicate, called for an increase in the price of wheat ardeb from 700 to 800 pounds at a minimum, stressing the need to“ implement Article 29 of the Egyptian Constitution, which obliges the government to buy basic crops at an appropriate price that achieves a profit margin for the farmer, in agreement with the unions, Trade unions, and agricultural associations ».

“The year 2021 is the year of wheat, where the cultivated area will increase, from wheat to 3.418 million feddans, 16,000 feddans more than last year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture’s statements, and its production is expected to exceed 9 million tons, considering the average production per feddan is 2.7 tons,” Abu Saddam said.
He added that «the month of April witnesses the beginning of the supply of wheat, the activation of the commodity stock exchange, and the pronouncement of the judgment in the case of the corruption of major wheat. Importing wheat – we import about 13 million tons of wheat annually, worth billions of dollars.