August 6, 2021


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The workforce announces 4307 job opportunities with salaries of up to 10 thousand pounds … Details

Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Manpower, announced that the ministry was able to provide 4307 job opportunities for males and females, including those with special needs, in all specialties and different job sectors, with remunerative wages starting from 1200 to 10 thousand pounds in some professions and according to the applicant’s experience, as well as Health and social insurance, through 62 companies and private sector factories in 12 governorates during the month of March.

The Minister of Manpower said, in a press statement to him today, Saturday, that the bi-monthly employment bulletin issued by the ministry includes these opportunities, which come in implementation of the “a decent life” initiative, launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in early 2019, to take care of the most needy groups and save lives Decent work for them, and decent work, pointing out that the bulletin aims to display all available jobs in the private sector. The submission will be made on the website, the National Employment Bulletin, under the name of the Job Seekers Program, and the competent department will nominate Opportunity applicants according to their experiences registered in the program to provide suitable opportunities for the applicant to exploit the energies of youth for the benefit of society.

The minister explained that this opportunity is available in 12 governorates, namely: Cairo, Sharkia, Qalyubia, Assiut, Minya, Gharbia, Dakahlia, Suez, Giza, Aswan, New Valley, and Beheira, and the bulletin also covered re-publication of jobs that had not been filled since last February in the bulletin. The previous and numbering 3177 job opportunities.

Saafan pointed out that the job opportunities available in Cairo are 400 highly qualified customer service representatives with proficiency in the French or German language, and ranks from 7 thousand to 10 thousand, in addition to 300 customer service representatives who meet the 5% ratio for people of determination and are able to work, with proficiency Computers, 1000 opportunities for customer service representatives with a salary from 2,500 to 4,500 pounds, 10 design and engineering research engineers with a salary from 7,000 to 9,000 pounds, 5 sales officials, 7 administrators, 120 maintenance technicians, 40 sales representatives, and 50 first and second class drivers, 20 elevator technical assistants, 5 secretaries, English language proficiency is required, 34 security supervisors, 391 security personnel, 30 cashiers, 30 chefs, 10 employees monitoring cameras, 5 electronics salesmen, 145 salesmen in grocery departments, vegetables and fruits.

He added that the job opportunities available in Sharkia governorate are 6 mechanical engineers, 3 electrical engineers, 5 mechanical assistants, 25 field coordinators, 2 data entries, 3 cashiers, 4 corridors coordinators, 215 production workers, 40 drivers, 15 production assistants, and 12 sales representatives. , 50 welding technicians, 50 auto doc technicians, 20 turning technicians, 20 filings and assemblies, 50 finishing technicians, with monthly incentives, production incentives and an annual increase. Job opportunities were also provided in Qalyubia, represented by 6 resident physicians, 2 nursing specialists, 2 internal nurses, an IT engineer with a salary of 5,000 pounds, 5 delegates, 20 drivers, 15 lathers, fenders, welding, 115 sewing workers, 5 quality supervisors, and 10 packing workers. , A programmer, 2 computer engineers, a product specialist, 150 spinners, 10 sales representatives, 10 T sales and 15 bailiffs.

In Dakahlia, there are 72 job opportunities through the prospectus available to be filled, in different specialties, including: a field specialist, 2 field coordinators, 3 security personnel, 20 workers, 15 agricultural engineers, 5 veterinarians, 12 credit specialists, 2 distributors, and 2 marketing representatives, And 2 salespersons. Job opportunities were also provided in Al Gharbia, which included: 50 insurance agents and 50 marketing and sales representatives. In the New Valley, there are job opportunities for 5 information systems specialist, 5 assistants, 4 agricultural workers, 4 cleaning workers, 20 financial services specialists, and 10 accountants and warehouse keepers. There are a number of jobs in Assiut which included: 240 security personnel, chemists, 3 supervisors, a professional safety and health specialist, a vocational rehabilitation worker, 2 production supervisors, 5 production workers, 5 auxiliary service workers, 10 second-class drivers, 20 cleaning workers, and 2 delivery workers. , A finance specialist, and 2 credit officer.

In Minya, there are 58 available job opportunities, including: 35 sewing workers, a supervisor, a sales worker, 4 credit officers, 2 occupational safety and health engineers with a salary of up to 4,000 pounds, and 15 marketing specialists. As for Menoufia, various job opportunities have been provided in many areas, including: a production manager, 2 warehouse manager, a storekeeper, 54 production workers, a cleaner, 2 production supervisors, 33 sewing workers, 20 packaging workers, 4 pharmacists, and 4 chemists. And 20 sales representatives, 2 electronics engineers, and 2 secretaries. The following are details of the job opportunities in the jobs bulletin