September 26, 2021


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The 46 “Cesar” nominations: films that challenge Corona and absent filmmakers

It is time for an extraordinary cinematic year to end, to celebrate those who have managed to support a battered, but still struggling, industry. On March 12 this year, the French Academy of Film Arts and Techniques intends to organize its 46th celebration to distribute the Césars to French filmmakers who, despite the difficult circumstances for 2020, have presented their films to the public, albeit in temporary and short periods, in a year in which they prevailed. The darkness “, but it is not the darkness of the theaters, nor the comfortable, strange and joyful darkness of the halls, nor that which we love because it takes us out of our lives and ourselves, and brings us together; Rather, “the darkness of a switched off light, closed doors, and missed appointments,” as the academy itself declares.

This independent institution – which has 4959 members representing 10 artistic, technical and media departments, contributing to the film industry – has been organizing in France, annually, for 46 years, the Cesar Awards ceremony for the “best” French films produced in the previous year before the concert. With a special prize for “Foreign Film”. A party that lasts 3 hours and is broadcast live on the channel “Canal Plus” with the attendance of 1700 guests, in which the results of a two-stage vote are announced, analyzed by a specialized company under the supervision of a lawman.

Last year’s party was held, as usual, at the end of February. At the time, it was not officially announced that the Corona virus had arrived in France. This year, speculations remain about the holding of the party, which is scheduled to be held on February 28, 2021, before it is postponed to March 12, in the hope of clarity of vision regarding the naughty virus. Everything depends on the government’s decision, which may declare a general closure in Paris, or tighten measures to prevent the organization of the party, although the current arrangements include taking strict health measures, holding the party without an audience, and making amendments to the rules of procedure of the Academy, such as voting through the Internet, and the interviews with the candidates are canceled, and the nominations for each category are shortened from 7 to 5.

This year’s party, held at Olympia, is chaired by French actor Rushdie Zim. The late French actor Michel Piccoli (2020) will be honored, noting that the poster for this year’s party contains his image from his distinguished representation in “Things of Life” (1970) by Claude Saute.

In the “Cesar 2021” list of nominations, “Things That Are Said, Things That Are Done” is highlighted by Emmanuel Morey, who is the most nominated, in 13 categories, including those considered the most important: Best Film, Director and Female Acting (Camelia Jordana) and My Men (Neil Schneider) . The film draws on charming words, conflicting feelings and confusing situations, to create emotional relationships between women and men that pass in love and communication, with estrangement and distancing.