July 25, 2021


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This is followed by “Farewell to the Fools” by Albert Dupontel, who won 12 nominations, most

most notably in the categories of Best Film, Directing and Female Representation (Virginie Evira) and My Men (Albert Dupontel): a satirical social satire and an unreasonable joke that characterizes Dupontel, about a woman in her forties, Knowing that she is seriously ill, she decides to find the baby she was forced to give up when she was 15 years old.

Twelve other nominations for “Summer 85” by Francois Ozon, most notably in the categories of best film and direction, and best male work (by actors Benjamin Fawazen and Felix Lefevre): an emotional story about adolescence and first love, friendship and the discovery of relationships, bodies and mysterious feelings between two young men.

And “Antoinette in the Seven Mountains”, by Caroline Vignall, came in fourth place with 8 nominations, including best film and female representation (Laure Clamy), to give fun and fun times, in a charming nature, in which Antoinette spends her vacation, to reconsider a thorny emotional relationship with a man Married, in a manner free of tragedies, and light, characterized by amicable and amicable situations.

As for “Teens”, by Sebastian Lifshitz, who won 6 nominations, including in the Best Film and Direction categories, he ranked fifth, followed by “The Good Wife” by Martin Provest with 5 nominations, and ADN to Maywen with 4 nominations (including in the category of Best Directing, for a film looking for Identity and affiliation). 4 other nominations for Filippo Menegotti, including “two”, in the categories of best first film and best female acting (Barbara Socoa and Martin Chevalier): a relationship of love between two elderly women.

In the male acting category, in addition to the aforementioned, Lambert Wilson was nominated for his role in Gabriel LeBoman’s biographical film “De Gaulle”, and Sami Bou Ajila for Mehdi Barsawi’s “Bik Naish (son)”. It is also mentioned that “A Couch in Tunisia”, by the French-Tunisian Manal Al-Obeidi, is nominated for the Best First Film Award, with “Zarifat” by Maymouna Doukoure, “Simply Black” by Jean-Pascal Zaidi, and “Two” and “A Boy of Rag” by Nicolas Morey .

In the foreign movie category, there are “1917” by British Sam Mands, “Communion” by the Polish by Jan Kumasa, “Dark Waters” by American Todd Haynes, “Drunken” by the Dane, Thomas Winterberg, and “August Maiden” by the Spaniard Jonas Troiba.

Immediately after its announcement on February 12, the nominations raised various criticisms, as many artists expressed their bitterness for their absence from the list, such as Juliette Binoche, who appeared in a satirical video in which she expressed surprise that she was not nominated for her role in Martin Provost, while he was nominated Participants with her in the same film for the Best Male and Female Work Awards.

Director Jean-Paul Salome regrets the absence of Isabel Hubert for the best actress nominations for her role in his latest film, La Daronne, the leader of drug trafficking in Arab circles in Paris.

Director Gustave Kerfern expressed his disappointment at the absence of “the erasure of history”, which he directed with Bonoit Dolpin, to the list of nominations for the best film and best directing categories, and that his nomination was limited to the category of best screenplay. If the film deserves a nomination, but a victory in this category, it is unfortunate and surprising that it is absent from the other categories, because it is one of the best French films of the past year, due to its innovative style, its cynical, comic and painful treatment of the miseries of contemporary life, and its people getting lost in forgetfulness, neglect, and the control of social media.