September 23, 2021


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Argentine judiciary announces the identity of Maradona’s heirs

The Argentine judiciary announced, Friday night, that the five recognized children of the late former soccer player Diego Armando Maradona are his “legal heirs.”

The former captain and former Argentina coach died on 25 November 2020 at the age of 60 of a heart attack.

Veronica Ojeda, the mother of Diego Fernando Maradona, the youngest son of the world champion in Mexico in 1986, posted the verdict via social networks.

“The funds are available in accounts in Switzerland, Dubai and Mexico for the possibility of withdrawing them,” lawyer Mauricio de Alessandro, representing Matthias Morla, who was Diego Maradona’s lawyer and managing his accounts, told EFE in January this year.

Besides Diego Fernando Maradona (8 years old), the other heirs are Italian Diego Maradona Junior (34 years old), Jana Maradona (24 years old), Dalma and Gianina Maradona (33 and 31 years old), respectively.

Dalma and Giannina were the daughters of Claudia Piafagnier, wife of Diego Maradona, between 1989 and 2003. While Diego Maradona Jr. is the son of Italian Christiana Sinagra, and Jana is the daughter of Valeria Sabaline.

etso Mosimane, coach of the first football team of Al-Ahly club, commented on the incident of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba”, the team’s player, being suspended.



Musimani said during his statements at the press conference on the Congolese Vita Club confrontation, which was held in the conference hall of the Cairo Stadium: “The penalty  electrocution?

Musimani added: “Al-Ahly needs to win today, especially since the match is held at our stadium, as well as our desire to compensate for the loss against Simba, Tanzania, in the second round.”

Al-Ahly’s coach assured that tomorrow’s match will not be easy at all, especially as we are in the match and we are coming from a loss in the second round while Vita Club plays the match, and he is coming from winning, and then we will fight for victory tomorrow, because Al-Ahly He is in desperate need to win and is able to compensate for the absences he suffers due to injuries.

He said, “We played the Sudanese match between Al-Merrikh, at the opening of the group stage, and we were suffering from absences, but we succeeded in achieving our goal by winning.”

And he continued: “We are able to deal with the crisis of absences, as we played matches earlier without 11 players, including 7 because of Corona and four muscle injurie