August 6, 2021


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The Roland Garros tennis tournament keeps its schedule but is the crowd attending?

The Roland Garros tennis tournament will maintain its date at the end of next May, as the organizers received confirmation from the competent French authorities regarding the establishment of this tournament, despite the controversy in France regarding the holding of a number of sports competitions, due to fears of the spread of the Corona virus.

The Roland Garros Championship is considered one of the largest sporting events in France, given its historical roots and the great media accompaniment that defines the tournament, as it is one of the “Grand Slam” tournaments.¬†According to priority estimates, the competitions will continue from May 16 to June 6


The French “RMC” channel confirmed Friday that Amelie Castera, the new director general of the French Tennis Federation, wants to allow the audience to attend the next edition of this tournament, and that she seeks to obtain the approval of various authorities to accept this proposal.

The channel did not confirm whether the proposal includes allowing a specific percentage of the audience or allowing the masses to attend in significant numbers. The 2020 edition was held without the public attending after changing its original date.

The new director said, in media statements, that she will work to develop several plans in order to hold the tournament in the best possible conditions and to secure the greatest means of success for this important date for world tennis.