May 16, 2021


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Britain in its old form, a festive mood all around

The United Kingdom is slowly recovering from the Coronavirus epidemic
Coronavirus is slowly emerging from the epidemic
The United Kingdom is slowly recovering from the Coronavirus epidemic. The third phase of lockdown, which started on January 8 this year, is gradually being relaxed. In the second phase of the lockdown, all businesses including pubs, restaurants, saloons, clothes shops, car washes and zoos were reopened on Monday (April 12). It has been noticed that there is a surge in all classes of people. There was a long line of people, especially the hairdressers, who had not seen the hairdresser for a long time. There were crowds of people in the clothes shops too. The pubs have regained their former form. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson sees the reopening of everything as a major step towards individual freedom and urges everyone to act responsibly.

Although the lockdown is planned to be completely lifted on June 21, all types of shops including salons, beauty parlors, libraries and gyms will remain open in the second phase. However, in pubs and restaurants, customers have to serve food and wine outdoors. In addition to lifting restrictions on unnecessary travel between England and Wales, people from the same family are also getting the opportunity to have a holiday in England. In addition, 30 people will be able to attend the funeral and a maximum of 15 people will be able to attend the wedding. Children will also be able to engage in any indoor activities with children.

East London, inhabited by Bangladeshis, had a different look as the day before the lockdown relaxed and the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Most people are busy shopping in the last days of Ramadan. The shops of burqas, Punjabis, hats, perfumes and jainamaz were also full of devout people. Shortly after dusk, worshipers were seen going to the mosque for the first Tarabihar prayers.
It is worth mentioning that 43 lakh 73 thousand 3 hundred 43 people have been affected in Britain from the beginning of the Corona epidemic till Tuesday. Of these, 3,056 people were newly infected yesterday. A total of 1 lakh 26 thousand 100 people including 13 people died yesterday. However, more than 32 million people have already been vaccinated with the first dose of corona, and 7.6 million people have received the second dose.