August 6, 2021


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They think I died … the story of an Egyptian artist who surprised the audience with a video: I am still alive

An Egyptian actress who is widely known at the Gulf level, did not participate much in the Egyptian drama, and preferred to start her life and continue her artistic career in Kuwait, where she lived the most seasons in her life and got married until her husband died and remained alone.

The disappearance of Mona Abdel-Majid, the
Egyptian actress, Mona Abdel-Majid, whose name has not been reported much since she suffered a health crisis in 2007 and was paralyzed due to a failed plastic surgery, so she disappeared from the scene for long periods.

The public did not notice any artistic activity of the Egyptian actress during that period, so he considered her retired because of what she was exposed to, so that she did not appear at all to prove her existence, but the strangest thing is that many considered her to have died due to cerebral palsy.

Who is Mona Abdel Majid
. Mona Abdel Majeed is one of the well-known actresses in Kuwait, as she has a great artistic history and worked in the field of directing before she appeared on the screen as an actress.

Those who follow Mona Abdel Majid’s career will find her dozens of artworks at the level of drama and theater, and she appeared in 34 dramatic works and 16 plays, in addition to her participation as an assistant director in 4 dramas.