August 4, 2021


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Instagram: These top 5 features added to 2021

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Photo sharing apps are very popular among Instagram users. This app is used by users not only for sharing photos, but also for viewing Instagram stories. Let us know that the company also keeps adding new features to it to provide better experience to its users. The year 2020 was very special for Instagram, because this year saw many new and useful features in the app, which users have been waiting for a long time. Here we are giving information about the Top 5 features added to Instagram in the year 2020.

If you are a fan of TicketTalk then you will surely like the Instagram Reels feature. Instagram reels were launched as an alternative to this after the ticktalk was banned. In this, users can create and share creative videos. You can also react to other short videos after watching them.

Vanish Mode has been rolled out recently and it can prove very useful for you. This feature works very much like the Disappearing Message feature found in Telegram. In vanis mode, the message disappears as soon as the chat is closed. To use this feature, after opening the Instagram chat window, you will be swiped to vanish mode as soon as you swipe. The good thing is that there is no fear of message leaking in it.

Recently you must have heard the name of Instagram Badges feature quite a lot. This feature has been rolled out this year and with the help of this you can support your favorite creator on Instagram. In this, you will get the option to buy badges from the creators while watching the live video. After which a badge starts appearing in the comment box in front of the name of the users who bought the Instagram badge at a fixed amount.

The shopping feature has been added on Instagram recently. With the help of this feature, users can now shop in photo sharing app Instagram. Here you will get a chance to buy everything from clothes to accessories. For this, you can also buy your favorite product by tapping on the shopping given in the brand sponsored post.

The data saver feature has been rolled out this year in the photo sharing app Instagram. After using this feature app, you will not have to face the problem of data exhaustion. It is currently introduced for Android phones. If you want to use the Instagram data saver feature, then for this, you have to turn on Data Saver by going to Settings.