July 25, 2021


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There are no legs, Rokeya’s family is running on the wheel of the van

Women are not the burden of the society but hard work is taking them forward at every level of the society. Rokeya Begum Tari of Boaldar village in Healy is a shining example. His family is running on the wheel of a van, not begging after losing two legs. The locals think that many should learn from Rokeya’s biography.

The village of Boaldar, 4 km east of the Hili border. Rokeya Begum is a resident of this village. Her happy family was going well with her husband. But suddenly everything became random in Rokeya’s life. He lost two legs in a train accident. And her husband left Rokeya and ran away due to lack of money. Yet Rokeya does not stop in the struggle of life. He did not leave the world. He is not a beggar, but his family lives on the money he earns by driving a battery-powered van bought with hard-earned money.

In the interview, Rokeya said he lost two legs in a train accident a few years ago. After that my husband left me and there was no one to look after the family. I bought a battery-powered van with a little money. My family lives on the money I get from driving that van. I don’t want to beg from anyone but I go with my own money.

“I didn’t have any land, the government gave me a place but I couldn’t afford a house,” he said. What I earn goes to me. The request to the government would have been much better for me if they had given me a house and a good van.

Meanwhile, some locals said that after Rokeya’s leg was amputated, he had a hard time. Even then he does not beg. He drives a van and runs his own family. In fact, it is a good thing for our society. There are people in the society who choose the path of begging in a small way. But those people should learn from Rokeya’s life.

Women will not stop on the way of life. Everyone expects to stand up like Rokeya on today’s Women’s Day.