September 23, 2021


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More than one crore tons of food is wasted in Bangladesh every year

In 2019, 100 billion tons of food was wasted worldwide. In the same year, 89 crore people suffered from hunger. At that time, at least 3 billion people in the world did not get healthy food. With this food, 23 million trucks with a capacity of 40 tons could be filled. Every year, 18 percent of food is wasted in homes, restaurants and shops.

This information has come up in the recent report of the United Nations Environment Program. The company’s Food Waste Index Report 2021 has been published.

Another alarming piece of information has emerged in the report. It has been said that among the Asian countries, Bangladesh alone wastes 1 crore 8 lakh 17 thousand 233 tons of food every year. According to the report, 64 kg of food is wasted per capita in the world every year.

In India, 50 kg of food is wasted per capita per year. This rate is the lowest in South Asia. However, in terms of tons per year, which is 6 crore 7 lakh 80 thousand tons. In Pakistan, 64 kg of food is wasted per capita every year. One crore 59 lakh 46 thousand tons per year. Sri Lanka, meanwhile, wastes 6 kg of food per capita per year, the highest. However, it is much less in terms of tons, only 16 lakh 17 thousand tons.

8 to 10 percent of greenhouse gases are emitted from wasted food. Forests are being deforested, fuel consumption is increasing, plastic use is increasing only for food production. But this food is being wasted year after year. From homes to restaurants, hotels, retail to wholesale and even to the production stage, food is wasted at all stages.

The report says that a part of the food produced in the world is not eaten. Ten years ago, in 2011, a report released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) found that one-third of the world’s food wasted each year. UNEP plans to stop food wastage by 2030.