August 6, 2021


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The price of paddy has come down in Naogaon market

The price of paddy has come down in Naogaon’s Hatgulo. Millers are buying ‘chini atap’ at Rs 200 per quintal and coarse rice at Rs 60-70 per quintal. The farmers complained that the prices were falling due to the manipulation of the traders.

Paddy trading at Chhatuntali Hat in Mahadevpur, Naogaon. Although the buyers are happy to see the huge supply, the farmers are not happy as the prices of all types of rice have come down. Millers are buying coarse varieties of paddy at Rs 60-70 and sugar at Rs 100 to Rs 150 per quintal.

Among the falling prices are Chinese Atap, Swarna-5 Gutiswarna, BR-51 and Golden Atap.

Farmers said that whenever the pressure on paddy increases in the market. That’s when traders reduce prices. Paddy production has been reduced due to various disasters in the last season.

Meanwhile, traders and millers have no specific reason for buying paddy at low prices.

Chatun Tali Samsur Rahman, storekeeper of Naogaon Mahadevpur, said, “We have to buy and sell by understanding the demand of the millers.”

According to the Department of Agriculture, in the last Aman season, one lakh 90 thousand hectares of land in the district was filled with 6 lakh metric tons of paddy.