August 6, 2021


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The BNP was looking for ‘but’ in Bangabandhu’s speech as it could not forget the brokerage

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the BNP leaders are still ‘looking for’ in their March 7 speech as they have not forgotten the brokerage of Pakistanis. He said the BNP leaders did not find the ‘call for independence’ in their March 7 speech because they adhered to Pakistani rule.

He made the remarks while addressing a video conference organized by the Awami League on the occasion of the historic day on Monday (March 8) afternoon. Bangabandhu’s daughter also mentioned that everything about Ziaur Rahman was Pakistan-centric.

The historic speech of March 7 was the direction of Bengali independence. This thunderous voice of Bangabandhu is recognized in the country and abroad as the direction of liberation. On the occasion of the day, Bangladesh Awami League organized a discussion meeting at the central office on Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital. Awami League chief and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also attended the event from Ganobhaban. After the speeches of the central leaders, the party chief Sheikh Hasina spoke about the historical context of March 7.

He said that although the people were inspired by this speech, some idiots of the country did not admit it.

Sheikh Hasina said, another did not understand, he is a man of our country. Chhatra League leader Sirajul Alam Khan then said, “Leader, what did you say? All the people are leaving in despair.” As soon as I said, I said, why are you lying? You have left the field long ago, you do not know the condition of the field.

Stating that innocent Bengalis lost their lives at the hands of Ziaur Rahman in Chittagong on March 25 and 26, 1971, the Prime Minister said they have been opposed to independence from the very beginning.

He said that everyone knew that the invading forces of Pakistan would attack. Ziaur Rahman was one of those who fired on those who were barricading the streets on that day, especially those who were barricading in Chittagong on March 25. It is very natural that the leaders of the party that has formed the party illegally sitting in power will not understand the language and meaning of the March 7 speech.

Even though the BNP observed this day 50 years after the speech, they are still looking for it, said Bangabandhu Kanya.

He said, “Listening to the statement of the BNP leader today and the words of that day, it only seems to me that they were in fact with some brokerage of the invading forces of Pakistan. Yet they could not forget their flattery and flattery. That is why they are looking for. I did not get any message of freedom in this speech.

Although the speech was banned in the country in the past, it is universally recognized today, the Prime Minister said, adding that there is nothing to worry about who said what.