September 23, 2021


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Police thwarted the procession of Student Rights Council in Kishoreganj

Mokhlesur Rahman Ujjwal, district president of the council, said, “On Sunday afternoon, the police dispersed a completely peaceful procession in the Rathkhala area of ​​the city from behind.”

Mokhlesur Rahman said that according to the pre-arranged program, at first around 11 am, when they went to the Gurudayal Government College campus to hold a human chain, the police obstructed them. Later in the afternoon, they gathered outside the campus and took out a protest procession in the city.

“When the procession reached the Rathkhala area of ​​the city, the police came from the back of the procession and dispersed it.”
Ten people were injured and they took first aid, he said.

He said police arrested three people at the time but later released them.

Kishoreganj Model Police Station OC Abu Bakar Siddique said they were “removed” as the procession was taken out without permission. Marriage. Large pots and pans have been used for cooking. The cook is stirring the meat with a big sleeve. Such an arrangement at the wedding will catch everyone’s eye. The one who has the responsibility of cooking well for hundreds of people in the wedding hall has to be careful. One such cook is Mohammad Moazzem Hossain of Jamalpur. She is a hobby cook. Used to teach. Retired now. Go to any event after suit-boots. Then change clothes and go down to cooking. From 1983, he started cooking in various programs. He even cooked his own wedding ceremony. He is still doing this work of love without any remuneration.

Mohammad Moazzem Hossain is also known as Toha. Apart from his reputation as a teacher, his cooking reputation has also spread to different areas of Jamalpur. He has been cooking for various occasions since 1983. He does not discriminate between Hindus and Muslims while cooking. So far, he has cooked for many occasions, including unpaid Hindu family weddings. Although he cooks as a hobby, he thinks that he is serving the people through art and cooking. Moazzem Hossain taught at Narundi High School in Jamalpur Sadar from 1983 to 2016. Moazzem Hossain got married in 1986 and later cooked for his two children. Moazzem Hossain recently went to Jamalpur to cook at a family function. That’s where we talk to him.

Moazzem Hossain said, ‘At my wedding, everyone said, who else will cook except you? I cooked khasir korma, beef rezala, chicken roast. Make your own yogurt. The people of the wife’s father’s house are very happy to cook. They didn’t know before that her daughter-in-law could cook. ‘

About the beginning of cooking in 1973, Moazzem Hossain said, ‘Even though the cook was supposed to come to the wedding of a man known as Shah Mohammad Modak, everyone was in trouble as the cook did not come at the last minute. Then he told himself that he would cook. That’s the beginning. At the age of 6, cooking has not stopped.

Moazzem Hossain’s daughter Mahbuba Akhter said, ‘I showed my father a cooking list of 1,200 people. From listing the market, everything is supervised by the father himself. I went to the school where my father used to teach.

Everyone appreciated my father’s cooking. I like my father’s cooking. However, due to age, when you go to cook, you get sick. Become senseless even a few days ago. So we object now. ‘
Moazzem Hossain always makes a bag. In the bag carry a grate for frying roast, a glass for measuring water and oil, a large sleeve for stirring food. He has made these himself. If you go for cooking, you have to go for the whole day. At the end of cooking, you have to fulfill the responsibility of increasing the food. He gets a holiday when everyone has finished eating to see if there is less food.

His wife Hosne Ara Begum cooks well, so Moazzem Hossain does not have to go into the kitchen of the house. The children are not very enthusiastic about cooking. However, Moazzem Hossain said that his son’s wife’s cooking was good.

Moazzem Hossain still cooks four manas and five manas of meat alone. There is an assistant in cooking, but he feels more comfortable working on his own than others. He said that in rural marriages, beef, polao, korma, jorda, chicken roast and chicken korma are usually cooked more.