August 6, 2021


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13 minutes of Farhad and security of Chittagong Jail

The escape of prisoner Farhad four days ago has again raised questions about the security of the Chittagong Central Jail. Because, the jail authorities did not realize the matter till half an hour after his escape. Outside of this time, the prisoner took 13 minutes to get out of the special ward and go to the fourth floor of another building. The matter has not come to anyone’s notice yet. Earlier, several incidents including murder and mysterious death have taken place in this jail. Even after that, the authorities are being accused of keeping the security system loose without being careful.

Farhad Hossain alias Rubel, accused in the murder case, came out of Ward No. 15 on the fifth floor of Karnafuli Bhaban of Chittagong Central Jail at 5:16 am on Saturday (March 6). Police arrested him from Narsingdi on Tuesday. Farhad had earlier tried to flee twice more.

After questioning Farhad, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Kotwali Police Station Nezam Uddin told Prothom Alo that after opening the lock of the special ward at 5.15 am, Farhad went down to the Karnafuli building of the jail. Then go to the renovated cell building No. 32 about 200 yards away. The building is being upgraded from two to five storeys. As the main door of cell no. 32 was closed, he went up to the second floor through the window grill. From there he climbed the stairs to the roof of the fourth floor. He then jumped 60 feet and fell outside the 18 feet high wall (para meter wall) of the prison boundary. The location of this wall is 22 feet away from the building. Farhad crossed another boundary wall five feet high and walked out of the prison. From there go to Chittagong railway station in CNG powered autorickshaw. On that day he went to Dhaka first by train and then to his aunt’s house in Narsingdi. The matter of Farhad’s disappearance came to the notice of the jail authorities during the counting of prisoners at 6 am that day. As such, the matter of Farhad’s disappearance was out of sight of the jail authorities for half an hour.

OC Nezam said the mentally tough and physically able young man was a habitual snatcher. He has done a lot of hard work before. The matter is not supposed to be credible if you do not see the CCTV footage. It was initially confirmed that he had escaped due to a lack of security. An application is being made to remand Farhad. During the interrogation, whether anyone helped him to escape, all will be found out.

Farhad is currently undergoing treatment at Chittagong Jail Hospital. Prison hospital doctor Shamim Reza said on Wednesday evening that Farhad had injuries on the soles of his feet. Plastered. Although he jumped from a height of 60 feet, he was not injured.

Speaking to the people involved in the investigation, it was learned that the on-duty jail guard Nazim Uddin did not know that the lock of the ward kept by the inmates could not be opened. The matter was not explained to him before he was given the responsibility there. There are 48 CCTV cameras in the jail. The senior caretaker and the jailer sat in their rooms and watched the CCTV cameras. The officials did not notice that either.

However, the day after the escape, Rafiqul Islam, the jail chief (district) and Abu Saddat, the deputy chief (deputy district) of the Chittagong jail, were removed from their posts. At the same time prison guards Nazim Uddin and Md. Yunus was suspended. When contacted, the two jailers declined to comment.

If you want to know the head of the investigation committee and Khulna Range DIG Prison. Chagir Mia told Prothom Alo on Wednesday that the prisoner would not have got a chance to escape if the prison guard had not opened the lock. Apart from that, he could not escape even if there were guards at the stairs leading up to the building under construction. At the end of the investigation, management errors, loose security will be recommended to senior officials to strengthen.

Inmates are usually kept in wards 15 and 16 on the fifth floor of the Karnafuli building. While other detainees (excluding militants) had the opportunity to leave the ward from morning to afternoon, detainees in two wards did not. They are kept under strict surveillance. Two wards are locked day and night.

According to jail sources, there are 7,000 inmates in Chittagong Central Jail. It has a capacity of 1,753 prisoners. Among them are Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) militants and 200 prisoners.

Former Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Prisons Department Shamsul Haider Siddiqui said that irregularities were taking place in the prisons due to lack of priority in the recruitment of honest, competent and responsible officers. He said in the first light, those who come with money, they are busy collecting these. There is no time for supervision as to who has fulfilled what responsibilities. There are errors in management and negligence in discharging responsibilities. Murder in a big jail like Chittagong, escape of prisoners is amazing. Those responsible for these incidents should be identified and punished through proper investigation. As many complaints as before
Earlier, in 2011, 2012 and 2015, three prisoners escaped while appearing in court and on fake bail. The two were caught trying to escape from prison. Who is behind the three mysterious deaths inside the prison remains unknown. In 1996, known as the leader of the Juba League with a blade in the throat. Alam, Osman, accused in the murder case of Indian national Jibran Tayebi in 2000, was stabbed to death and terrorist Amit Muhuri was stabbed to death in 2019.

Alam’s elder brother said. Zakir said, how did the blade go inside the prison? Who gave the opportunity, they are still not identified. Apart from this, there are various complaints about the internal environment of this prison. On March 1, the wife of a prisoner named Rupam Kanti Nath complained that her husband had been tortured in jail with electric shocks. He also filed a case in the Chittagong court against the four, including the senior caretaker and the jailor.