July 25, 2021


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The minister’s video went viral as he acted to vaccinate at the request

A video of Liberation War Minister AQM Mozammel Haque’s vaccination performance has gone viral on social media. However, the minister said he took the vaccine first. However, some of the television journalists did not get the footage. At their request, he performed the act of vaccination.

A statement from the Ministry of Liberation War said on Saturday that the minister had seen the video on social media about the vaccination. Where the minister is not vaccinated by editing or editing the video is being propagated.

The fact is that the Minister for Liberation War took the corona vaccine on February 18 at the Secretariat Clinic building. Many journalists collected pictures and videos at that time. Some could not take pictures or video footage as there was not enough space in the vaccination room. Vaccination was performed at their request.

The notification also provides the link above the video of the minister taking the vaccine.
The statement further said that the propaganda that the minister did not take the vaccine on purpose was part of the false propaganda of the anti-independence machinations. Legal action will be taken against the propagandists.

People want to live like humans. Wants to talk But the government does not want to let anyone speak Mahmudur Rahman Manna, the convener of Citizens’ Unity, has brought such allegations against the present government. He made the remarks while addressing a function titled ‘Join Citizens’ Unity’ at the National Press Club auditorium on Saturday.

Mahmudur Rahman Manna said on the occasion, ‘We are human beings. I want to live with dignity and rights as a human being. I want to talk. It is a basic democratic right of the people. The government will not allow that either. ‘

Referring to the rise in commodity prices, he added that if the price of rice goes up to Rs 60, beef to Rs 600 per kg, the market catches fire, but nothing can be said against the government now. The convener of Citizens Unity added, ‘I was born independently. I will live independently. If necessary, I will die independently. No one will be able to suppress the voice by force. If the writer dies like Mushtaq because of talking, I will not stop talking. ‘

Announcing the procession on the occasion of the golden jubilee of independence, Mahmudur Rahman Manna said, “I have brought freedom with a lot of blood, life and value. They can play tricks on freedom but we want to respect this freedom. For this, we will march in the streets on the golden jubilee of independence. ‘

Mominul Islam and Mofakhkharul Islam, members of the party’s central committee, addressed the function, which was conducted by Shahidullah Kaiser, coordinator of Citizens’ Unity.