July 24, 2021


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Messi and Ronaldo left the Champions League for BCS

Cristiano Ronaldo the night before and Lionel Messi the night before. Even though such a farewell has drowned many football fans in a sea of ​​despair overnight, Messi and Ronaldo’s parents have been swept away in a sea of ​​joy. Because, their children are going to take part in the preliminary examination of the upcoming BCS. Not one, not two, but four unreliable sources have confirmed the matter.

This will be the first quarter-final in the 16-year history of the Champions League without Messi or Ronaldo. Messi fans and Ronaldo fans can’t accept it, but teachers at various coaching centers and book dealers in Nilkhet are very happy. After reading their books and suggestion papers, these two superstars will take the preliminary exam of BCS on March 19.

According to unreliable sources, Messi and Ronaldo are both in Bangladesh now. When Cristiano Ronaldo was asked about his sudden departure from the Champions League while walking in front of a bookstore in Nilkhet yesterday, he told one of our unreliable sources, “I didn’t really take the team to the quarter-finals on purpose. I had to stay in Europe with the team to reach the quarter finals. Meanwhile, my BCS exam on the 19th. From Europe, the test could not be given in Zoom! So I withdrew from the Champions League for a week to prepare well. However, winning the Champions League cannot be bigger than BCS. ‘

On his way back to talk to Ronaldo, the untrustworthy source saw Messi waiting for a bus with a book under the Newmarket-adjacent overbridge. Why did you leave the Champions League? Before asking this question, Messi said, “I can play in the Champions League every year. But can I pay BCS every year? Although he has won the Champions League four times, he has not become a BCS cadre for once yet! Understand then, which is more expensive? If I wanted, I could take Barcelona to the quarter finals. But with that my dream of BCS would have ended. My parents, relatives, neighbors — everyone is looking at me, when will I be a cadre. And I will play the quarter finals with their wish? Am I that inhuman? ‘

Seeing the interest of Ronaldo and Messi towards BCS besides playing football, it is known that many football fans and footballers of the country are leaving football and moving towards Nilkhet. Asked how he felt about Messi-Ronaldo leaving the Champions League with such a blue-collar traveler, he asked the opposite question, “Well, brother, which team won the Champions League last year?” It may even come to BCS. ‘

However, the passer-by next to him did not make a mistake in expressing his feelings, ‘I have wanted to be a footballer since my childhood. The desire to see Messi and Ronaldo arose, they are now preparing for the BCS to leave the Champions League. If their desire to be a footballer is aroused by watching their football, then isn’t it normal to be aroused by their passion for BCS and becoming a cadre? ‘

Undoubtedly, the frustrated fans now know the main reason for Messi-Ronaldo’s departure from the Champions League. When Messi and Ronaldo were called to find out where the test center was and how to get to the test center, they both said, “I’m busy with my studies.” He called after the 19th. ‘