August 6, 2021


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Obaidul Quader’s wife Dushalen Quader Mirza

He made the allegation after a case was filed in the court on Sunday against hundreds of people, including municipal mayor Quader Mirza and his son, in connection with the killing of a man named Alauddin in a clash in Basurhat five days ago.

Coming on Facebook Live this afternoon, Quader Mirza said, “Today, the wife of Mr. Obaidul Quader (Ishratunnesa Quader) is responsible for the instability in Companiganj. He is doing these things by exerting influence on Mr. Obaidul Quader. He is accompanied by Nizam Hazari (MP Nizam Uddin Hazari), the hot politics leader of Feni and Ekramul Karim Chowdhury, the hot politics MP of Noakhali.
Quader Mirza, who was elected mayor of Basurhat municipality in the second round of voting in January last year, came to the first discussion with the statement that he also had allegations against Bhabir. Although he was a candidate for the boat symbol, he alleged that some local Awami League leaders and MPs were working against him along with Bhabir. At that time, he came to the discussion all over the country by questioning the popularity of the local MPs of the party.
Later, after winning the election, Quader Mirza made various statements against some local Awami League leaders, MPs and administration officials. As a result, on February 19, a journalist named Burhan Uddin Muzakki was killed in a clash between followers of Quader Mirza and Obaidul Quader’s local Awami League leader Mizanur Rahman (Badal) at Chaprashirhat Bazar in Companiganj. Later on Tuesday (March 9), a Juba League activist named Alauddin was shot dead in a clash between the two parties in the second phase at Basurhat Municipality premises in the upazila.

Alauddin’s younger brother Emdad Hossain filed a murder case against 184 people, including Abdul Quader Mirza, his brother Shahdat Hossain and Quader Mirza’s son Mirza Mashroor Quader alias Tasik, in a Noakhali court on Sunday. He also directed the officer-in-charge of Kompaniganj police station to submit a report within 15 days.

Speaking on Facebook Live, Quader Mirza also alleged that he was being ‘conspired to kill’. “In the last few days, there has been a conspiracy to assassinate me and to trap me and my leaders and workers,” he said. Journalist Muzakkir has already been killed. Unable to kill me, he killed a CNG driver named Alauddin. ‘

Quader Mirza has also accused Jewel and Jahangir, known as associates of Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader, of working against him.
Mayor Tapas got into the ferry with the convoy and beat the two severely
Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas has been beaten up by two passengers of a private car for boarding a ferry. The two victims alleged that the people in Mayor Tapas’ protocol beat them.

The incident took place at Banglabazar ferry terminal in Madaripur around 7pm on Saturday. The two victims were returning to Dhaka in their own cars from Barisal. And the convoy of Mayor Tapas was returning to Dhaka from Gopalganj with the officials of City Corporation.
The injured were identified as Nuh Alam Rajib, 38, chairman of Dhaka’s Super Expert Company, and Rashed Bhuiyan, 35, an official of the same company. They were killed with wakitki and hands on different parts of their heads and bodies. Blood also came out of the heads of the two due to Wakitki’s injury. The ferrymen rescued them and took them to a private clinic in Madaripur. They returned to Dhaka at night with treatment there. They have been bandaged on the head and several parts of the body to stop the bleeding.
Noah Alam Rajib told Prothom Alo on Sunday, “We got on the ferry because the ghat police told us.” As soon as we got up, some of the wireless and pistol owners in the mayor’s protocol told us to get off the ferry. When we asked them, they attacked us and beat us at random. He would have killed us if there were no police and locals at the wharf.

Noah Alam Rajib
Noah Alam Rajib

Rashed Bhuiyan said that 8 to 10 people in the fleet beat them with wireless without any conversation.
Workers and eyewitnesses at Banglabazar Ghat said the ferry service was closed for an hour on Saturday afternoon due to strong winds and rain. Noah Alam Rajib was already waiting to cross the road connecting Ghat No. 1 with two private cars. At around 7 pm, the convoy of Mayor Sheikh Tapas came to Banglabazar Ghat. His fleet consisted of 35 vehicles, including two passenger buses. Two ferries were already stationed at the wharf for the fleet. The two vehicles with Rajib got on the same ferry with the fleet. After getting on the ferry, some people in the fleet asked Rajiv to get down from the car. There is a quarrel about this. At one stage, the members of the mayor’s protocol in the fleet beat Rajiv with wireless hands. When Rashed came forward, he was also beaten and taken off the ferry.
The doctor in charge of Islamia Hospital said that the two were injured in the head and eyes.

However, an official in the mayor’s fleet said on condition of anonymity that the ferry was allocated for vehicles in the city corporation’s fleet. Those two are not supposed to get up there. He said the two vehicles in the fleet could not get up as the two vehicles outside were getting on the ferry. Those in the two vehicles were told to get off. Politely said. But they used to talk about their Juba League leader, home in Gopalganj. At one stage, the people of the ferry got annoyed and beat him. Fleet
No one was killed.
Ashikur Rahman, a traffic police inspector at the Banglabazar ferry terminal, said he heard two passengers being beaten after the vehicles in the mayor’s fleet got on the ferry. However, the two did not lodge any complaint with the police. For this reason not much was known.
He tried to contact Mayor Tapas on his mobile phone this afternoon but could not find him. On the other hand, DSCC spokesman and public relations officer. Abu Naser did not agree to talk about it.
Despite the fear, the record of the accused’s statement, the High Court wants an explanation
‘The evidence of the accused tying his hands and hanging them is proved by the sore marks on the wrists of both his hands. It appears that the accused made this statement for fear of remand.

These are written in the confessional statement given by one of the accused to the magistrate in a murder case of Matlab in Chandpur. The magistrate even referred to a memorandum, saying, “At one point, the accused said that the police would remand him if he did not plead guilty.” Every time I don’t admit my guilt, I will be remanded. I (the accused) have pleaded guilty for this. ‘The magistrate mentioned in the memorandum that the confession of the accused was not voluntary.

However, the High Court sought a written explanation from the judge as to why and how the confessional statement of the accused was recorded. Chandpur Chief Judicial Magistrate within a month. Noor Alam has been asked to explain the matter.

Justice M Enayetur Rahim and Justice Md. A virtual high court bench comprising Mostafizur Rahman passed the order on Sunday.

The accused in the murder case. The accused brought the matter to the notice of the court during the hearing of Farhad Hossain alias Khalu’s bail application. With the court rule on the hearing. Farhad has been granted interim bail.
After failing in the lower court, Farhad applied for bail in the High Court, which is being heard today. Lawyer Rimi Nahrin appeared for Farhad in court. Deputy Attorney General was present at the hearing on behalf of the state. Sarwar Hossain.

Deputy Attorney General Sarwar Hossain said the High Court had directed the Judicial Court to ascertain the age of Farhad Hossain. In the confessional statement column, it is written that Farhad is 18 years old. Farhad said, he is in 10th class. The chargesheet in the case states that Farhad is 19 years old. In the eyes of the law, that statement is not a statement; Because, there is talk of torture.

The recorded statement further said that there were signs of prolonged tying with a rope under the wrists of both the hands of the accused. In addition, swelling can be seen in the soles of the feet.

It is known from the documents, Md. Kaziara village of South Matlab of Chandpur. On August 19, 2019, the victim’s brother filed a case against an unidentified person at Matlab South Police Station on charges of murdering Sohail Rana (18). Sohail was a madrasa student. Three people including Farhad were arrested in this case. All three made confessional statements. In September 2019, Farhad’s statement was recorded by the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Chandpur. The chargesheet was filed on December 31, 2019 in this case. The case is now pending a hearing on the allegations.

Lawyer Rimi Nahreen told Prothom Alo that Chief Judicial Magistrate Farhad had recorded Farhad’s confessional statement despite mentioning fear of remand and torture. In this case, the confessional statement was recorded without investigating the torture. Besides, Farhad’s age has been mentioned in his confession as 18 years and in the charge sheet as 19 years. These discrepancies were brought to the notice of the court.

Questions about the credibility of the confession
On July 4 last year, a teenager went missing after leaving her house in Deobhog area of ​​Narayanganj city. The family members did not find him and first filed a GD and later a case at the police station. Police arrested Abdullah, Rakib and Khalilur Rahman in the case. They testified in court on August 9 last year that they had “confessed” to abducting and raping the girl and then dumping her body in the Shitalakshya river.

However, the girl returned on August 23, 51 days after the incident ‘incredibly’. In the context of the return of the ‘dead’ teenager alive, the High Court directed a judicial inquiry into the whole matter. The investigation report was submitted to the High Court on January 5. It found the initial truth that the accused was beaten, intimidated and tempted to confess against the investigating officer.

The case came up in the context of a statement under Section 164 in the hearing of the state’s application against the bail of one of the accused in a murder case on the 8th of this month. On the same day, Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain said, “According to the statement under section 164, even a dead person can be seen alive.” The Chief Justice said, “Attorney General, these are the things you will tell the police department about how the deceased comes back at a later date as per his Section 164 statement.”

Angry Jamuka wants a verification report within 24 hours
The National Freedom Fighters Council (Jamuka) has directed the 112 Upazila Nirbahi Officers of the country to send the verification and selection reports of the heroic freedom fighters within 24 hours. They said three working days had been fixed for checking and sorting the gazette without Jamuka’s recommendation. But so far these reports have not been sent from all the upazilas.

As a result, the government’s plan to publish the final list of heroic freedom fighters by March 26 is not being implemented.

A letter of this instruction has been sent to the divisional commissioners, deputy commissioners and additional deputy commissioners across the country by e-mail on Sunday. The letter said that within 24 hours of receiving the order, the report has been directed to be sent to Jamuka by e-mail in PDF or dock file or hard copy by mail.

The letter sent to UNO from Jamuka said, “Despite instructions to send the heroic freedom fighters without Jamuka’s recommendation to regularize the civilian gazette within three working days of completion of verification and selection, no report has been received from many upazilas so far, which is unfortunate.” Due to non-receipt of the report, on the one hand, the regular gazette regularization activities of the heroic freedom fighters are being delayed, on the other hand, allegations of various irregularities are being raised at the upazila level. This is not desirable at all and there is a problem in publishing the list of heroic freedom fighters on March 26.

Without the recommendation of the National Freedom Fighters Council (Jamuka) Act, from 2002 to 2013, the names of 39,172 people in 491 upazilas were included in the ‘Civilian Gazette’ as heroic freedom fighters. After questioning about their freedom fighter certificate, Jamuka decided to check and select them last year. After that, in January and February, two stages were checked and selected. Of these, 16,793 people from 369 upazilas of the country have been recommended for verification and selection.
Jamuka Director General Zahurul Islam told Prothom Alo that the report should be sent with the information that has been completed at the upazila level by tomorrow afternoon. No excuse will be accepted in this case.

The Jamuka Act was enacted in 2002 to uphold the ideals of the Liberation War and to ensure the welfare of the heroic freedom fighters and their families. The law states, “Jamuka will send a recommendation to the government to prepare a list of genuine freedom fighters, issue certificates and certificates and cancel fake and forged certificates and certificates.”

According to Jamuka’s terms, a heroic freedom fighter trained inside the country must testify against three comrades (trained in India) in order to fight against the Pakistani forces. After December 3, 1971, the people who participated in the liberation war were not taken into consideration (cannot be witnesses) in this case.

At present the number of heroic freedom fighters in the country is 2 lakh 33 thousand. However, due to legal complications, the allowance was 1 lakh 93 thousand. Of these, 1 lakh 80 thousand names have been added to the Management Information System (MIS). Red Muktibarta, ‘Bharatiya List’ and ‘Gazette’ have been considered in their case. There are 33 types of documents to prove yourself as a heroic freedom fighter.

What to do if you do not receive the report within 24 hours? In response to this question, Liberation War Affairs Minister AQM Mozammel Haque told Prothom Alo that action would be taken against those involved.