May 8, 2021


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Biden’s recognition of ‘Armenian genocide’, what will Erdogan do?

During World War I, the Ottoman government decided to relocate hundreds of thousands of Armenians in 1915, when the people of the area were completely disoriented by the violence of Russia and their armed Armenians in eastern Ottoman Turkey. Many people including Turks, Kurds and Armenians died at that time.

Biden’s recognition of ‘Armenian genocide’, what will Erdogan do?
US President Joe Biden last week called the incident an “Armenian genocide.” But history is different. At that time, more Turks, Kurds and Jews loyal to the Ottoman Empire were killed than Armenians.

When the Ottomans were on the verge of defeat in almost every battlefield in World War I, the Armenians living in the empire joined hands with the Russians to revolt against the empire.

The uprising killed 3 million Turks, Kurds and Armenians. The number of Ottoman Turks and Kurds was about 2.4 million and the number of Armenians was about 7 million.

But denying the history, US President Joe Biden called the 1915 incident an “Armenian genocide.” This is a historical fact that has been defeated by the Armenian lobby in the United States. The Armenian lobby in the United States is one of the most powerful lobbies in the world.

U.S. President Joe Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, announced last year in their election campaign that they would recognize the so-called “Armenian genocide.” This time he kept that promise. On the contrary, it has made an important ally and NATO member like Turkey stand on the enemy’s side.

The Armenian Diaspora has been lobbying for many years in the United States and various European countries. Although the incident took place during the Ottoman Caliphate and the Armenians have no historical evidence to support it, they carried out their campaign to tarnish Turkey’s image. And many Western countries agree politically on their campaign.

Attempts have also been made to keep the Armenian genocide and illegal occupation in focus behind the so-called genocide in Azerbaijan.

Why did Biden make such a decision?

In fact, America’s hostile relationship with Turkey has been going on for the last few years.
America is busy trying to harm Turkey in various ways. The US administration has been making every effort to prevent the rise of Turkey.

The United States sought to dismantle Turkey by forming a Kurdish state, using Fethullah Gulen, the leader of a large US-based organization, to overthrow the Erdogan government through a military coup, and to dismantle Turkey by forming a Kurdish armed force along the Turkish-Syrian border. But the US administration became even more enraged at Ankara when no action could bring Turkey into the bag. Trying to put pressure on Turkey on any trivial excuse. For example, not selling defense equipment to Turkey, imposing sanctions on Turkey’s military industry, waging an economic war against Turkey. There is no strong reason behind this.

Also in 2019, the US Senate and House of Representatives hastily passed a bill recognizing the Armenian genocide.

In late 2020, then-President Donald Trump imposed sanctions on Turkey’s defense industry before stepping down.

Meanwhile, three months after Biden came to power, he did not call Erdogan. Normally, Turkey is one of the first ten US presidents to speak with the president after a normal presidential election. But Biden also broke that tradition.

Even before the election, he planned to weaken the Turkish government from within, weaken it, and bring the country’s opposition to power. Which was later publicized in the US media.

He finally had a phone conversation with Erdogan three months after coming to power, but it was not a courtesy call. That was actually a bargain with Erdogan.

He used the issue as a bait to try to negotiate with Erdogan on a number of issues.

These included Turkey’s complete withdrawal from Russia and China, the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Syria, and Turkey’s objection to the formation of a Kurdish state along the Turkish border. , The release of Kurdish politicians arrested on charges of aiding terrorism, etc. But Erdogan did not accept any of this. As a result, whatever has happened has happened.

Biden recognized the 1915 incident as genocide. But he should have put Turkey and Armenia at the same table and formed a committee with famous historians from different countries. The committee will search the archives of Ottoman, British and Russian to find out the truth.

The so-called Armenian genocide was first discussed in the United States by President Jimmy Carter.

On May 16, 1986, he first brought the matter to the attention of a delegation of Armenians living in the United States.

Then in 1971 President Ronald Reagan called the incident a “genocide.” But no president since then has called it a “genocide.”

When they celebrate this day every year, they all call it a ‘great disaster’