May 17, 2021


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Samsuddin, 70, is cutting the ground while fasting

The temperature of the sun is above 40 degrees. In the midst of this intense heat, almost any young man who is strong enough to keep his fast should be out of breath. If the burden of the earth has to be lifted on him again, then the life is going to be a state of being. But one of the exceptions was found in Manohardi upazila of Narsingdi district. His name is Samsuddin. At the age of seventy. This man, bowing down with the weight of age, did not give up on anything. Even at this age, he is doing hard work like cutting the soil every day, even though he is fasting to get help from anyone.

Last Tuesday, Upazila Nirbahi Officer ASM Kashem visited the ongoing cause under the “Employment Program for the Poor” in Chandanbari Union of the upazila. The media personnel working in the upazila were also present. Going to the bank of Nalua Ghagutia Bill of Chandanbari Union, I saw this old working man. A short talk was held with Sasuddin by calling him in a gap of work.

During the brief conversation, he said that his house is in Manarakandi village of Chandan Bari Union. He is the head of a family of three members including his wife and one son. There is no land for cultivation without soil. The only son did not study from an early age. Ever since he was a child, he has been wandering around and without work, the old man is spending his days comfortably eating the food bought with his father’s hard earned money.

Samsuddin said his wife, Helena, was originally a member of the 28-member team under the project. Due to his wife’s illness, he himself has gone to work as a replacement laborer this Ramadan. He has actively cut the soil by keeping all the fasts till now. He is not cheating at work even for a minute.

He also said that he is working for the soil cutting project with a daily attendance of Tk 200. 200 rupees daily attendance but get only 150 rupees from there. The remaining 50 rupees remains as savings.

Meanwhile, an old age allowance card has been issued in the name of Samsuddin from Chandanbari Union Parishad. The family of this hardworking man lives on old age allowance card and hard earned money. Talking and seeing him in a short time, it is clear that he is more interested in religious duties than he loves his deeds. He is wearing a toaster over Taknur so that there is no forced argument. Hat on head. The man with the full white beard thinks that eating halal earnings is as important a form of worship as fasting. So, despite his hard work, he did not give up the obligatory fast of Shariah. According to the rules, he also performs five daily prayers.

About Samsuddin, Chairman of Chandanbari Union Parishad Abdur Rauf Hiron said, “This Samsuddin is the most loyal among my workers.” Just as you do your work properly while fasting, you do not cheat at work, just as you do not allow others to cheat at work. Always refrain from eating haraam by cheating in the work of all the staff of the party. As a result, if Samsuddin is present in the team, I don’t have to think about work anymore.

In this regard, Manohardi Upazila Nirbahi Officer ASM Kashem said that he deserves praise for the way this man is working without compromising his age and not looking for help from others. If there is an opportunity for financial or any other help from the government for all these people, then the upazila administration will give priority to this class of people.