May 16, 2021


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8 die due to lack of oxygen in Uttar Pradesh

Despite the shortage of oxygen across India, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has claimed that it is not. But this time the question has arisen with the information given by him. Because in the last 24 hours in Uttar Pradesh, 6 patients have died due to lack of oxygen. The capital Delhi has already appealed to the Center and other states to send oxygen. But Yogi Adityanath said there is no shortage of oxygen in any hospital in his state.

Not only that, he made it clear that there is no shortage of oxygen in any public or private hospital. The black market and the storage of oxygen have caused some problems. Less than a day later, news came that 7 corona patients had died at Agra’s Pars Hospital in the last 24 hours. Multiple hospitals were seen hanging outside, signboards saying no oxygen. Even Deputy Commissioner Prabhu Singh has admitted to the lack of oxygen.

The state administration says the number of corona infections has increased in the last 24 hours, so oxygen has decreased. However, various quarters have raised questions about this, it is very normal that the number of corona attacks will increase in the coming days. So why doesn’t Yogi Adityanath know that the state has only 24 hours oxygen supply? Oxygen deficiency has occurred in several hospitals in Agra. As a result, many hospitals have stopped admitting patients. It has been alleged that oxygen as well as necessary medicines are not available.

Just before Iftar, Iftar packets and water bottles arranged on the road. Only poor working and helpless people can take it. Some enterprising youth of Panchagarh have taken such a great initiative. The name of this organization of volunteer youth is Rangdhanu Foundation.

Ramadan is going on. To provide food for the family, many people do not have the opportunity to go home and break their fast. The volunteer youth of Rangdhanu Foundation of Panchagarh has taken a special initiative for them. Half an hour before Iftar, they are arranging Iftar in different places in the district headquarters. There are water bottles with khichuri, eggs, dates, purple and potato chops, pulses and many more. Working people are carrying the Iftar items of Rangdhanur by themselves during Iftar.

Young people are handing it over to someone again. They undertook this activity from the tenth fast. Their banner reads ‘Fifty for Poor’. In the beginning this was organized for 50 people per day but this number is gradually increasing. They are distributing Iftar on the road as well as in various orphanages. After fasting all day, the poor working and helpless people are happy to get quality iftar items just before iftar.

According to the organizers, the Rainbow Foundation is made up of college students. They have taken up this program of Iftar for the poor people by saving their own money. They will continue this work till the last Ramadan. The youth of this organization are determined to stand by the people with their little ability to love people.

Rickshaw puller Shahjahan Mia said, “We have to stay on the road all the time to run the family.” So most of the time you have to break your fast outside. We thank some students for their initiative in breaking the fast for workers like us.

Rabiul Islam, a van driver, said, “Just before Iftar, I saw some young people arranging Iftar on the road for working and helpless people like us.” As I approached, they handed me an Iftar packet and a bottle of water.

Shahin Uddin of Shingpara area of ​​Panchagarh Sadar Upazila said, “This exceptional initiative of the youth is really commendable. In this way, if the rich people stood by the poor and helpless people of the society, then the life of the poor people would be much easier.

Fahim Hasan, general secretary of Panchagarh Rangdhanu Foundation, said, “We have formed this voluntary organization together with college students.” We want to stand by the poor and helpless people with our limited resources. So in Ramadan, all our members take the initiative to distribute Iftar with the same amount of money. We will continue this program throughout the month of Ramadan. We want to be with people all the time with love.