May 16, 2021


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America by Road

‘Uncle we have come to America by road.’ By road America from Bangladesh? I was surprised to hear the word on Ronnie’s face.

The boy had a conversation in a store in New York. Used to work as a laborer. There was no valid paper. Somehow the boy became close to me. One day, when I asked him how he came to America, he told me the story of a strange world.

‘That’s a long story, will you have time to listen to Uncle?’ Ronnie said with a faint smile. I heard Ronnie’s story. The story of Columbus’s adventure, the story of greed and fascination, the story of illusory dreams. The boy did not study much. Student visa attempts have failed several times. Meanwhile, the indomitable desire to go to America. In the mouths of Dhaka’s Adam trader brokers, the name was America by Road. Boys who want to go to America also say ‘by road will go to America’. There are brokers for this. You have to take a Brazilian visa from Dhaka. You have to take a tourist visa from one or two Caribbean countries. Then came the name of one of the islands in the Caribbean. From there launch to the mainland, then by bus to S সাo Paulo, Brazil. A few days bus journey. Transferring one broker from one place to another. Introduction Only the picture of the broker on the mobile phone given by the broker in Dhaka. That broker then handed over the picture with another broker. They were hidden in small hotels. That is how Ronnie left Dhaka. Everything, even the food is uncertain. Ever get on a plane, get off the plane and surrender yourself to another broker with a picture of the phone. Traveling from Brazil to various countries including Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala. With handing yourself over to the broker from the broker. At first I had to pay as promised. Just three days in a row in a microbus. Sometimes day after day just walking through the jungle. Heard the story, no trace of the previous team was found. Who knows whether they fell into the hands of robbers or cannibals. Or whether the law enforcers have captured and killed him – no one knows. How many times have the police tortured and then released the money. The boys came up with all sorts of fancy ways to hide money. One was to fill a polythene dollar with a bottle of coconut oil. Safe if oil accumulates. The oil would freeze during the cold. If the oil had accumulated, the police or the thief would not have understood, so the money would have been saved. In all sorts of other ways they hid money.


Had to be stuck in different places, but go when the line is clear. What an uncertain life! Once he was sleeping in the forest at night, in the morning he saw a poisonous snake crawling on his feet. Most of the fortune seekers are Indians, Bangladeshis, some Filipinos and very few Sri Lankans or Nepalese. After crossing many countries, many smugglers and police have to cross the border to reach Mexico. America is a canal parole from Mexico. The canal has to be crossed in the dinghy of a balloon inflated with a blow on the face. The dinghy can sink at any time. This is where the responsibility of brokers ends. The responsibility of the brokers ended by bringing six or seven brokers from eight to ten countries to Mexico and lowering them in the canal. On the other side is the Arizona desert of America. After getting off the dinghy, he ran a short distance and went a few hundred yards into the mainland of America, pretending to be unconscious.

All these were taught by the brokers in Dhaka. Police patrolling the American border come. They know these dramas very well, they ask directly which country you are from. They give different forms according to the country, they have to be filled. Then he was taken to the detention center. She is a terrible experience. 16-17 people in one room, bathroom without door. Once or twice a day nominally feeds. He took the small bag with him. Therefore live in one cloth. There is no bath. After three weeks, he was handcuffed and taken to the New Jersey Detention Center. You have to stay there for three months. Makes in court, the court fixes bonds of different amounts for bail for different people. Outside is allowed to communicate on the phone. In the past, it means procuring from Bangladesh through brokers, of course in exchange for dollars, they are called sponsors, they contact a Bangladeshi.


Parents from the country send money to the sponsor. Ronnie had a bond of seven thousand dollars. There are also some deviations from the money coming from the country. That’s why it took Ronnie more than three months to get out of the detention center. A total of six months after leaving Bangladesh. The sponsor picked her up from a detention center and dropped her off at a little-known home in New York. From there the miserable life began. Nonsense Sometimes a construction worker, sometimes a store loader, all manual labor. It cost Ronnie a total of Rs 36 lakh to reach New York from the country. It is understood that he is the son of an affluent family. Divya was cooperating in her father’s business in the country.

I said, was there any reason to come to America illegally? Legally, there is no such thing. Dirty laughs and says, ‘Uncle I didn’t understand before. Many refused to come. Speaking of uncertain path and future, I did not believe. I thought he was gone so he doesn’t want to take us. I saw with my own eyes the spectacle of fascination, I will get everything if America descends, the broker explained so. Work permits, asylum, green cards, citizenship will all become one by one.

Now the law is in place to prosecute asylum seekers. The big uncertain future, may not deport until the asylum case is over. But deportation is inevitable if you do not get asylum. Going back empty handed and wasting many years of life. There is a feeling of great suffering, young people are crazy to leave the country. Why? Take no answer