May 17, 2021


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‘The worst situation in India will be next week’

Najehal India in the second push of Corona. The number of daily attacks in the country is setting new records every day. In the last 9 consecutive days, the number of daily attacks in the country is more than 3 lakh. Which is a world record. This outbreak of the deadly virus is bound to frighten any ordinary person.

Meanwhile, an advisory committee in India says this is not the end. The situation in the country will be more dire next week. In fact, the committee thinks that the situation in the country is going to be the worst next week.The Center has set up a committee of experts to monitor the Corona situation in India, and to advise the government. The committee said the situation in Corona, India, would be the worst between May 3 and 5.

A few days ago, the advisory committee had said that the situation in the country would be the worst between May 5 and 10. But scientists at the Central Advisory Committee say the virus has spread much faster than they expected. M Vidyasagar, head of the advisory committee, said, “We believe the number of corona cases will be the highest in the country next week.”

However, the good news is that the experts of the advisory committee of the center think that this second wave of corona will not last long. Soon it will start to decrease. In a report to the government, M Vidyasagar said, “It is pointless to build a health infrastructure by July or August.” Because until then, maybe this wave will not exist.

The committee’s advice to the government is to fight against this invisible enemy in the next 4 to 6 weeks. So don’t waste time planning long term. Your problem is now, so it must be solved now.

M Vidyasagar admits that the number of corona attacks in the country at the moment is three times the worst of the first wave. However, the actual number is probably 50 times the calculation.
Source: News Daily