May 17, 2021


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Corona deaths in the world are more than 32 lakhs, leaving 13 crore healthy

So far, 15 crore 26 lakh 831 people have been identified as infected with coronavirus in the world and 32 lakh six thousand 451 people have died. Among those affected by corona in the world, 13 crore 84 thousand 353 people have recovered and at present one crore 95 lakh 20 thousand 26 people are affected. The world’s coronary heart disease recovery rate is 97 percent and the death rate is two percent. At present, 1,11,938 people in the world are in critical condition and the rest are stable. The United States tops the list of countries affected by the Corona in the world. So far, 3,31,46,008 people have been identified as infected with the coronavirus in that country and 5,90,604 people have died.

The United States is followed by India, Brazil, France, Russia, Turkey, Britain, Italy, Spain and Germany.

One crore 95 lakh 49 thousand 758 people have been identified as infected with coronavirus in India so far and two lakh 15 thousand 523 people have died.

In the last 24 hours, 3,92,562 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the country and 3,006 people have died.

Earlier in the day, 42,110 people were diagnosed with coronavirus in the country and 3,522 people died.

In Brazil, which is next to India, a total of 1,46,25,985 people have been infected and 4,06,575 have died.
No information has been found anywhere that once the corona is infected, it will not happen again. The number of second time infections is also increasing. But after recovering from the corona can the infection happen again? Thousands of questions are being made about this.

There are many people with corona beside those who are treating themselves in the hospital. Doctors say there are not many cases of re-infection in a month. However, since the virus is rapidly changing its form, nothing can be said. There are several differences between the first wave of the corona and the second wave. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. In that case, there may be a risk of getting infected a second time. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Experts are advising those who are being treated in the hospital to follow all the health rules of Corona after they recover and go home. And once infected, it is forbidden to go outside for up to a month because others may be newly infected from the infected.