June 20, 2021


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Bashar al-Assad is back in power in Syria

Presidential elections were held in Syria on Wednesday. The election was held in the country on Wednesday. The election results have not come yet. But the equation says incumbent President Bashar al-Assad is coming to power for the fourth time. Mass protests began in the country in 2011. The civil war has been going on in the country for almost 10 years. This is the second presidential election held there.

More than three lakh and six thousand people were killed in this decade-long civil war. There is no strong opponent against Assad in this election. Those who were, fled and took refuge in another country. And elections are not being held in areas beyond Assad’s control. That means there is no challenge in front of him. That is why it is thought that Assad is going to win this election of ‘farce’ with absolute monopoly.

After the election date was announced, Assad’s “glorious” huge poster spread like a fungus across two-thirds of the country. To make the election meaningful, the country’s influential security intelligence agencies have given strict instructions to senior officials to go to the polls, they said. The results are expected to be announced on Friday evening, 48 hours after the polls closed.

The foreign ministers of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States criticized Bashar al-Assad in a statement on Tuesday, saying the election was “not free and fair”.

It has been directed to open all the educational institutions at secondary and higher secondary level on June 13 and take necessary precautionary measures in conducting educational activities, subject to control of corona infection situation.

The directive was issued by the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education on Thursday.

According to the directive, all types of educational institutions will remain closed till June 12 to protect students from corona infection. At this time, students will stay in their respective residences to protect themselves and others from corona infection. From home they will be connected to television and online learning activities.

The directive further said that the parents will ensure the location of the students at home while the educational institution is closed and the local administration will closely monitor it.

In addition, the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni said yesterday that all schools and colleges at the secondary and higher secondary levels will be reopened from June 13 subject to control of the corona infection situation.