July 25, 2021


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Respect for international honor and politics

There are always negative news headlines. Our media is more enthusiastic about any negative issue. But there are some things that are news from time to time which have joy and motivation in them. The news is almost absent in the media as it moves forward with enthusiasm. Even then, why such news will not be important? See the news – “Once again, Finland tops the list of the happiest countries in the world. Bangladesh is in the 7th place. Since 2012, happy countries have been listed on the basis of gross domestic product (GDP), life expectancy, social generosity, social assistance, independence and corruption. This year, the Covid-19 situation has been added to it. For the fourth time, Finland is at number one in the list of the happiest countries. This is followed by Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The United States has improved its position from eighteenth to fourteenth. The United Kingdom has deteriorated, from thirteenth to eighteenth. Australia held their last position, in 12th place. ”

Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar have not been counted. Was this path easy or convenient for us in our 50 years of independence? We have seen the birth of this country. As a boy, the Bengalis stood in front of our eyes against the mighty Pakistanis. We were amazed to see how the homeland woke up avoiding the horrors of the liberation war. These are not fictional stories. Now you can watch on YouTube or mobile if you want, the fame of those indestructible freedom fighters. This country has become independent because of the fighters who killed the torn genji-lungi malkocha. We have seen Bangabandhu’s simple life and high ideal country after independence. We have seen the seventy-fifth of August, we have seen the injustice of military rule. One queue after another during the tenure of Ziaur Rahman, the arrival of Ershad, then Khaleda Zia. Where is the development, where is the solidarity? Just mattresses and fights. Bangladesh did not advance then. Even then, he had no vision or direction in front of him. The BNP has to accept this. Ershad ran the country alone. But the BNP was run by the enemies of defeated independence and the elite class. As far as I think, they may not have thought about the people as much as they thought it was necessary to govern the country.

Once upon a time America called us ‘floorless baskets’. At that time Pakistanis believed that Bangladesh would never be able to stand up. Once broken it will be forced to go back to them. India seemed to be the country next to us. I have to listen to what I say. All this has changed today. In the report I am talking about, our country is far ahead of India. Is it any magic? Or any magic? Or the result of a long rule of the Awami League or a party? What we call consistent stability? To understand this, we need to know Bangladesh after One-Eleven.

The Awami League is a strong political party. There is no village or area in the country where there is no Awami League that can give life. Apart from the rich, bank robbers and thieves who are oppressing him today, Tyagira is the strength of Awami League. That force is no longer on the movement rebellion or on the streets. Due to this the trend of development in the country was not disrupted. On the other hand, the rest of the political parties do not have that power. That became clear after Khaleda Zia went to jail. Moreover, the Awami League needed a strong leader. Which was settled by Bangabandhu daughter Sheikh Hasina. Due to the continuous development under his leadership, Bangladesh has gained this honor in the international arena today.

This survey or report says the people of the country are happy. It can be argued. Because there is a disease in a special community and in the general population of the country. Again, it must be admitted that the problem of rice cloth accommodation was not so obvious but the problem did not go away. The biggest problem is the exaggeration of blindness in life and living. That is why such incidents often happen in Bangladesh which tarnishes the image of the international arena. While writing this, a horrible incident has taken place in Dirai and Shalla of Sunamganj. Needless to say, the pandas of the ruling party are also behind this. Police have arrested a Juba League leader. This Juba League is almost because of fear and panic. Then their violence continues.

Will not all people be happy in a happy country? Are people of different religions and faiths really happy in our mountains or plains? One has to accept the criticism or opinion that he has to accept outside of slander or propaganda. In today’s Bangladesh, there is no power to challenge the government. So where is the fear? Fear of any imaginary poker or monster so harsh? I think the people of Bangladesh are hardworking and development oriented. They needed a leader. Needs structure and direction. The country is moving forward only after getting it in a fair way. Farmers, workers, common people and women’s power together are showing the face of this country today. Bringing one honor after another. There is no role for the new leaders in Mujib’s coat. Rather they are people from different planets in the eyes of humans. Happiness which they did not share was given by the blood of late Bangabandhu and four national leaders. Dreaming politics. People who have given up. Peace is needed now.

If bridges are not built between happiness and peace, will these flyovers or big bridges keep the people of our country well in the future? The biggest thing is many questions, many questions from Bangladeshis inside and outside the country. In a truly happy country or happy society there is the most accountability. There is no plague in the country, no guarantee of safety of the common man. There is pain and suffering hidden outside the external glamor. We have to ensure accountability no matter what politics says. In the 50 years of Bangladesh, if we are not as far ahead in the list of happy countries as we are in peace and welfare

Will time leave to talk?

Like two wings of a bird, he cannot fly, happiness and peace are two wings. This achievement will remain questionable if one is not combined with the other. Still congratulations. May Bangladesh win. All of us respect him. His victory is our victory.