August 4, 2021


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Indications of fierce fighting in West Bengal, grassroots ahead

And only two days. This will be followed by the first round of voting in the West Bengal Assembly elections in India. ABP Anand and CNX released the results of the latest joint opinion poll on Wednesday. It said there was a possibility of a fierce battle between the state’s ruling Trinamool Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in this year’s assembly elections. BJP’s seats may increase. However, Mamata Banerjee’s grassroots may be ahead. The previous three polls also indicated that the grassroots were ahead.

Voting for the March 26 West Bengal Assembly elections is set to begin. Elections will be held in 30 seats of five districts on that day. The last vote in the 6-point election will be held on April 29. The results of the vote will be announced simultaneously on May 2.

According to the results of the fourth and final round of polls conducted by ABP Anand and CNX in the run-up to the first round of polls, the Trinamool could win 137 to 147 out of 294 seats in the West Bengal Assembly. The BJP may add 130 to 140 seats. On the other hand, the Left-Congress-ISF alliance has a chance to win 14 to 16 seats. Other parties and independent candidates can win 1 to 3 seats. This shows how intense the fight for votes is going to be in West Bengal this time. The results of the latest survey say that the Trinamool Congress can get 40 percent of the votes in this election. On the other hand, the BJP is likely to get 38 per cent votes. The Left-Congress-ISF alliance could get 18 percent of the vote.
The fourth phase of the survey was conducted on the basis of the views of 11,920 voters in 294 assembly constituencies in the state. The survey was conducted from 12 to 21 March.
The previous three polls by ABP Anand and CNX also hinted at a grassroots victory. It was said that the Trinamool could win this year’s assembly elections despite a fierce battle. Mamta will smile last. Mamata will be the Chief Minister of West Bengal for the third consecutive term.

Earlier, ABP Anand and CNX conducted the third survey from February 26 to March 13. According to a survey released on March 15, the Trinamool could win 150 to 16 of the 294 seats. The BJP won 96 to 114 seats and the Left-Congress-ISF alliance won 23 to 31 seats. Others can get 5 seats.
According to the second poll released on February 26, the Trinamool is likely to win 147 to 164 seats, according to ABP Anand and CNX. It further said that BJP could win 92 to 108 seats. The Left-Congress alliance could win 31 to 39 seats.

And in the first round of polls published on January 19, it was said that the Trinamool could get 154 to 162 seats. BJP can get 96 to 108 seats. And the Left-Congress alliance can get 26 to 34 seats.

As such, the BJP’s popularity in West Bengal has grown as the battle for votes has progressed. The pressure has increased on the grassroots. Even after this, the Trinamool is ahead in the fourth round of polls. Matching hints of a bone-to-bone fight.

The last assembly elections were held in 2016 in West Bengal. In that election, Mamata won 211 out of 294 seats and formed the government in the second term. The Left-Congress alliance got 6 seats. The BJP won only 3 seats. In Mamata’s second term, the BJP has made a comeback in West Bengal politics. This election has become a cause of concern for the ruling grassroots.