August 6, 2021


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The coronavirus is sending a serious message

The highest number of corona patients has been identified in the country in 24 hours. From 8 am on Sunday to 8 am on Monday, 5,171 patients were diagnosed with coronavirus. On July 2 last year, 4,019 patients were diagnosed with corona. This was the record for the highest number of patients identified in a single day

According to the Department of Health, corona has been identified in the bodies of 6 lakh 895 people in the country till date. Of these, 6,949 died. A total of 5 lakh 36 thousand 17 people have recovered.

Since the onset of the epidemic, a website called WorldMeters has been storing up-to-date information on corona infections in all countries and regions of the world. According to their data, the number of patients infected with coronavirus is more than 6 lakh, the number of such countries in the world was 32 in those days. Today, Bangladesh is added to this list as the 33rd country in the world.

IEDCR consultant Mushtaq Hossain told Prothom Alo, “The number of corona cases in the country has crossed six lakh, which means people are being infected without a break.” This number sends a message that we are in a serious public health situation. ‘

On March 8 last year, the first corona infection was reported in the country. On June 16, the number of corona identities in the country exceeded 1 lakh. 2 lakh without July 18. The number of identities is 3 lakh without 28 August. 4 lakh without 26 October. On December 20, the 28th day of the corona infection in the country, the number of identities exceeded 5 lakh. Today, on the 36th day of the infection, 6 lakh were released.

The first lakh was identified in 103 days. The second lakh is identified in 30 days. The third lakh was identified in 39 days. The fourth lakh was identified in 61 days. Fifth lakh was identified in 55 days. And the sixth lakh was identified in 99 days.

Analyzing the corona infection trend in the country, it is seen that the infection spread slowly in the beginning. The infection began to spread rapidly from mid-May last year. In June, the situation intensified.

Corona infection peaked in the country in June-July last year. At that time, especially from the second week of June to the middle of July, three to four thousand patients are identified every day. Infections have been seen to decrease since mid-August. For some time the situation was under control. But for more than a month the infection in the country has been on the rise again.

Corona infection has been on the rise in the country since the second week of March. The Department of Health has been identifying more than three and a half thousand patients for a week. In the last 24 hours (from 8 am on Sunday to 8 am on Monday), the Department of Health has identified 5,161 patients. Never before have so many patients been identified in a single day in the country. Earlier today, on July 2 last year, the Department of Health had identified a maximum of 4,019 patients. The current situation of corona infection is very similar to that of June-July last year. In this context, experts say, the second wave of coronavirus infection has started in the country.

Mushtaq Hossain, IEDCR’s consultant, said effective measures should be taken to identify the source of infection based on patient identification. Due to the risk of unknown sources, everyone has to strictly follow other rules including hygiene, maintaining social distance. And get vaccinated as soon as possible.