September 23, 2021


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Russia is bringing the first corona vaccine for animals

Russia has already discovered a vaccine for human coronavirus. This time the country has introduced corona vaccine for use in animals. The country has registered the vaccine as the world’s first corona vaccine for animals.

Russia’s agriculture and animal husbandry watchdog Roselkhodnazar made the announcement on Wednesday. A unit of the agency in the central part of the country was involved in the invention of the vaccine called Carnivac-Cove. The experimental use of the Carnivac-Cove vaccine began last October, said Konstantin Savenkov, the agency’s vice president. Dogs, foxes, cats, mink, foxes and other animals in the Arctic region have been tested successfully.

Konstantin Savenkov said that the experiment showed that the vaccine was completely safe for use in animals. It is capable of making 100% antibodies in animals. It can protect the animal from corona for up to six months after vaccination. However, researchers are continuing further analysis in this regard.

Russia will begin commercial production of the Carnivak-Kov ticker in early April, said Konstantin Savenkov.

Russia has previously developed three vaccines in the ongoing fight against coronavirus. Three vaccines for use in the human body. The most talked about is the Sputnik-V vaccine in Russia. In addition, Moscow has approved the use of two other vaccines for emergency use, namely Epivaccrona and Kovivac.