June 23, 2021


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China closes Myanmar border in panic

According to the South Morning Post, the Yunnan Provincial Health Commission said in a statement that three symptomatic cases of the new corona have been detected. The decision to close the bridge came shortly after three Myanmar nationals in the city of Ruili tested positive for corona. At the same time, Chinese authorities on the border imposed another week of lockdowns on the city.

This is the first time since February 5 that a local cluster has been reported in China. On Wednesday, the country’s National Health Commission said 11 new corona patients had been identified in China on March 30.

Myanmar shares a 160-kilometer border with the Chinese city. A single bridge carries 80 percent of trade and traffic between the two countries. However, for fear of the corona, China has banned the movement of people and all kinds of vehicles through the bridge named ‘Jiegao Bridge’.

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U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday (March 30th) nominated a Muslim for the first time as a federal judge. His name is Zahid Quraishi. He is currently serving as a magistrate judge in New Jersey.

Several black women, including an Asian American, have been nominated as federal judges.

Biden was the first to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson. He is African American. She also nominated two more African American women as judges. There are also Asian Americans.
“This nomination represents a wide variety of experiences and perspectives that will strengthen our nation,” Biden said in a statement.

Note that under the US Constitution, these people nominated by the President will serve in the Supreme and Federal Courts for life. However, these nominations of the President have to be approved by the Senate.

Only two of the 11 men nominated by Biden have stood in opposition to former President Donald Trump’s four-year campaign to appoint conservative white men to federal courts. None of them are white. There are still no black women among the nine judges of the United States High Court.

One policeman was killed and several others were injured in the riots on Capitol Hill, according to CNN. Police officers James Blasingheim and Sidney Hambey said they were physically and mentally injured in the riots.

They allege that the riots took place at the instigation of Trump.

Blassingham has been with the Capitol Police for 18 years. On the day of the riot he was hit in the head and back and since then he has also been mentally devastated.