August 6, 2021


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The UK is banning Bangladeshis from entering

Citizens of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya and the Philippines are being barred from entering the UK due to an increase in corona infections. This information has been given in a report of BBC Bangla on Friday.

The ban will take effect on April 9, the report said.
Passengers who have departed or transited from these countries in the previous 10 days will not be allowed to enter the UK, according to the UK Government’s Ministry of Transport website.

The immunization program is in full swing in the UK. In the meantime, the new type of coronavirus has been prevented from entering the country, according to the website.

According to the directive, the names of the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh will be included in the red list of banned countries from 4 am on Friday, April 9.
The list includes a total of 39 countries.

Although the ban directive is effective from April 9, it will be calculated from the previous 10 days.

Bangladeshis who will start their journey at this time or passengers who will transit in those three countries including Bangladesh will not be allowed to enter any port in the United Kingdom.

However, the website states that passengers with British or Irish passports and those who have a residence permit in Britain are not covered by the ban.
However, they have to stay in the government approved quarantine center for 10 days.
According to the BBC, the UK government has said it has no plans to cancel direct flights from Bangladesh or three other countries.

No coronavirus patient died in London, UK, on ​​Sunday. This is the first time in about six and a half months that the city of Parole has died one day in Corona.

Citing figures from the country’s Public Health England (PHE), CNN said no corona patients had died since the outbreak of the corona epidemic on September 14. Then last Sunday London got a deathless day. However, 19 people died in Corona across the country on that day.

According to the World Coefficients website, which updates global statistics on coronavirus infections, 43,37,796 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the UK so far. Of these, 1 lakh 26 thousand 615 people died.

Thus, the authorities are late in releasing the statistics of Corona information the day after the weekly holiday (Sunday). That’s usually why the death toll in Monday’s figures is lower. But hopefully, Corona’s recent situation in the UK is positive. Even last January, more than two hundred corona patients died there every day.

Authorities in the United Kingdom have relaxed their stay on home stays since Monday. Apart from this, other restrictions of Kovid have also been relaxed. The country now has no restrictions on outdoor sports such as tennis courts, swimming pools and golf. Restrictions on wedding ceremonies have been lifted. However, a maximum of 6 people can take part in the event.

According to the UK Ministry of Health, the first dose of the corona vaccine has been given to 30 million people in the country so far. The UK’s National Health Service is preparing for a second dose of vaccine soon.