August 4, 2021


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In one month, the number of patients under treatment has increased by 27,000

Within a month, the number of corona patients undergoing treatment in the country has increased to 26,626 (69 percent). The number of patients undergoing treatment in the country was declining as they were healthier than identified for three consecutive months from last December to February. But the situation has changed since March.

The second wave of corona has started in the country. Public health experts say the second wave of corona is more intense than the first. At this time the daily identification is becoming more. The hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) is in crisis as the number of patients undergoing treatment continues to grow. More people are at risk of dying in this phase than in the first phase when the infection reached its peak (PK).

Mushtaq Hossain, a consultant at the government’s Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), told Prothom Alo that infections are on the rise in all districts of the country. Now it is necessary to ensure that the identified patients are isolated and those who come in contact with them are taken in quarantine. This is not happening properly. Infection spreads from large gatherings in closed rooms. In addition to ensuring hygiene, it needs to be controlled.

Analyzing the data provided by the Department of Health on the status of corona infection, it can be seen that excluding the total number of patients who recovered and died, there were 6,026 patients undergoing treatment in the country on April 2. Just a month ago, on March 2, there were 40,202 patients under treatment.

Analysis of the data shows that 85,069 people were diagnosed with corona infection in March. At this time 45 thousand 465 people have recovered. In February, 6,103 more people recovered than were identified. Last December, 26,160 people were healthier than Corona was identified.

WorldMeters, a website that works with statistics, has been providing coronary updates from around the world since its inception. As of 10 pm yesterday, World Meters statistics show that Bangladesh ranks 33rd in the world in terms of infection detection. However, Bangladesh ranks 30th in terms of patients undergoing treatment.

As the number of patients undergoing treatment begins to increase, so does the pressure on hospitals designated for corona patients. Analyzing the data of the Department of Health, it is seen that out of 2,511 general beds of 10 government-run hospitals designated for corona in Dhaka, 2,342 beds were filled with patients. Just a month ago, the picture of the hospital was different. On March 2, 691 patients were admitted to the general bed.

Respiratory Diseases Complicated patients with covid-19 need ICU and artificial respiration facilities or ventilation. Of the 116 ICU beds in the hospital scheduled for coronation in Dhaka yesterday, patients were admitted in 106 of them. Four weeks ago, 35 percent of the hospital’s ICU beds were empty.

Doctors and officials of public and private hospitals involved in the treatment of corona patients say that the patient’s pressure is constantly increasing. ICU demand in particular is growing rapidly. The ICU is not empty, but the demand for ICU is high. Most of the time 15-20 patients are waiting for IECU.

However, the number of patients admitted to coronary patients is less in the whole country. There are 9,611 common beds in the country. There were 4,165 patients in these beds yesterday. There are 56 ICU beds. There were 360 ​​patients. Only 8.11 percent of the total patients in the country are receiving treatment at the hospital.

Health Minister Zahid Malek told a meeting on Wednesday that there was no place for coronavirus patients in public and private hospitals. He said patients do not go to Gazipur, Tangail, Narayanganj and Comilla outside Dhaka. The bed is lying. You can go to nearby districts and get services without insisting in Dhaka.