September 24, 2021


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DNCC on the way to collect waste with contractors

This time the work of collecting waste from the houses in the capital Dhaka is going to the contractors. Meanwhile, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has appointed contractors in 60 wards through tender. I saw that Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) is also going through tender process. However, the PWCSP, an organization of cleaners who collect waste from homes, protested against the process. In the meantime, they have human chained. According to the organization, the tender process has been initiated to benefit the councilors and party workers. If that happens, 10,000 waste collectors in the two cities will lose their jobs. However, the DNCC says that this process has to be brought under the discipline of waste collection.

Commodore M Saidur Rahman, Chief Waste Management Officer, DNCC, told Pratidin Sangbad that a tender process is underway to bring the waste collection from homes to order. Contractor will be appointed through tender. The contractor must have sufficient manpower, at least three years of experience, a van with a lid. ‘He added,’ Rs 100 per month has been fixed for collecting garbage from shops and houses. You have to collect the money with the receipt. If anyone collects extra, the license will be canceled. There will also be a grading system (ABC). Will be graded according to the quality of his work. If the quality of work is poor, the license will be revoked for life.

Meanwhile, PWCSP, an organization that collects garbage from homes, says they have been providing the service since 2000 with the approval of the corporation. For this, the city corporation also gives permission to collect 30 rupees per month from each house. This money was used to pay the staff and other expenses of the van service. About 10,000 cleaners are working under the organization. These people will lose their jobs if waste collection is done through tenders. In the meantime, four thousand employees of DSCC have lost their jobs.

The organization says that the lowest income people in the society are involved in waste collection. They don’t have that much money and paperwork. That is why they will not be able to take part in the tender. And the city corporation has given these conditions to give benefits to the councilors and party leaders and workers. If the work is done in a tender like this, no cleaners or their organization will get a job. As a result more workers will lose their livelihood. PWCSP finds it very difficult for cleaners to collect these certificates. They said Anisul Haque, the late mayor of DNCC, had set up the PWCSP to coordinate van service owners and oversee waste management. The DNCC recently stopped renewing the permission given by Anisul Haque.

PWCSP President Nahid Akhter Lucky told Pratidin Sangbad, “Since 2000, PWCSP workers have been collecting garbage from their homes in the capital Dhaka. The staff at this service is extremely poor. But without considering them, the Southern City Corporation has already issued tenders in each ward. ‘He added,’ We also want the whole work to be disciplined. But not in the tender. Because if given in the tender, 10 thousand cleaners will lose their jobs in the two cities, the poor people will go hungry. They will not be able to collect these papers, nor will they get a job. So we demand the cancellation of the tender process. We, the cleaners, have rallied and rallied in protest of the decision of the city corporation. ‘

According to DNCC sources, the decision was taken at the board meeting on December 16 last year. According to the decision, the contractor will be selected for three years by inviting tenders. The contract will be renewed every year by verifying the quality of work in the grading system (ABC). For this, the contractor will have to pay two lakh rupees to the city corporation for each part of each ward. It was also decided that the tendered company would charge Rs 100 from each flat in the old ward and Rs 50 from the new ward. According to the decision of North City Corporation, each of the tendered companies will have to collect household waste from 10 am to 4 pm.

It is also learned that as a guarantee of work order, each group of wards 1 to 36 (old) will have to pay a deposit (refundable) of Tk 6 lakh in cash as mayor before executing the contract and issuing work order. Apart from this, for work in each group (new) of wards 38 to 54, 3 lakh rupees has to be deposited through pay order. Besides, before getting the work order, the city corporation has to pay two lakh rupees for the old ward and one lakh rupees for the new ward. Institutions participating in the tender will have to submit some other documents including bank solvency certificate, trade license, VAT registration certificate and TIN certificate. In addition, certification of local ward councilor, regional executive officer, revenue officer and assistant waste management officer of the concerned area will be required.

PDSO / Zizak