September 23, 2021


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Withdrawal of lockdown from Capitol building

The lockdown has been lifted from Capitol Hill, the Congress building in Washington DC, USA.

Mike was warned at the Capitol building that the lockdown would be lifted. News CNN

The announcement said the lockdown was over due to threats from outside. Police have been urged to comply with the instructions.

Earlier, the attack on the Congress building on Capitol Hill took place at around 1pm local time on Friday. One police officer was killed and another was injured in the attack. The assailant was shot dead by police in the incident.

The attack took place less than three months after the bloody riots on Capitol Hill in January. However, officials said there was no involvement of terrorist activities with the attack.

In a statement, he named the slain police officer as William Billy Evans. Evans has been with the Capitol Police for 18 years.

Describing the incident, Robert Conte said a mail arrived from the Capitol Hill police alert system around 1 p.m. The mail said those inside and outside Capitol Hill should protect themselves by hiding behind something. At that time everyone was told to move away from the window or door.

He said the suspect crashed into a barricade north of Capitol Hill in a blue sedan. The driver then got out of the car and attacked the police with a knife. A policeman shot him. But before the attacker could be killed, he stabbed two police officers, one of whom later died.

Earlier on January 8, the followers of the then President of the United States Donald Trump entered the Capitol Hill and engaged in vandalism and violence. Five people, including two policemen, were killed in the incident. It has been claimed that Trump himself had support for it.

The rioters arrived on Capitol Hill in the United States on January 8 to prepare for battle, according to security officials before the attack.

At least four people were killed in the attack by pro-Trump protesters. Four security officials resigned after the attack. Three of them testified on Tuesday in the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs (Senate). At the time, they said, “the rioters came with weapons to prepare for war.” News from the BBC.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sands said, “The rioters planted pipe bombs to keep law enforcement away from Capitol Hill. When they came to the security area, they did not come like other ordinary protesters. I’ve never seen it before. ”

“The assailants threw chemicals in my face,” Capitol Police Capt. Carnesa Mendza told the committee. From which I have not yet recovered. So much has happened in one go that it has been the worst thing in my 19-year career. ‘

“We all agree that there was no intelligence support before the attack,” said Michael Stenzer, a former Senate Sergeant at Arms.

Meanwhile, Robert Conte, acting chief of Washington DC police, said it took him so long to deploy National Guard troops from the Pentagon to quell the rioters that he was surprised.