July 31, 2021


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The Argentine president was also affected by the second dose of the vaccine

Alberto Fernandez, the 72-year-old Argentine president, contracted corona after taking a second dose of Sputnik V. He himself confirmed the news through social media on Friday. News AFP.

After a fever and a slight headache, President Alberto Covid tested positive for corona. He is currently in isolation as part of a precaution. But physically good.

The government is announcing a nationwide lockdown for a week from Monday. The people of Rangpur are preparing to observe the lockdown. Many have welcomed the lockdown as the Corona situation continues to deteriorate. However, low-income people are worried about loan installments.

The situation in Rangpur has deteriorated like the rest of the country. One to one and a half months ago, where the corona detection rate was zero quota. Every day 25 to 30 people are being identified in the district. Meanwhile, crowds have been spotted at long-distance bus counters announcing the lockdown.

Business leaders and the general public said the lockdown was a timely decision by the government. They believe that if people fully comply with the lockdown, the rate of corona infection will decrease. However, low-income people are worried about losing their jobs. Those who have taken loans from various NGOs are also worried about repaying the installments.
Abdul Malek, a liquor shopkeeper on GLR Road in Rangpur city, Monnaf Mia, a tea shop owner, Ramzan Ali and Abdur Rahim, who work in a private company, said they had taken loans from various NGOs. They are worried about how to pay the installment if the lockdown is prolonged. However, they all welcomed the decision of the lockdown.

Rezaul Islam Milon, president of the Rangpur Metropolitan Chamber, said there was no alternative to lockdown at the rate at which corona infections had increased. This decision of the government is practical. “I am talking to the traders and I will call for a lockdown so that the traders comply properly,” he said.

Meanwhile, after the announcement of the lockdown, visiting the Dhaka Kot stand and the central bus terminal at Kamarpara in Rangpur, it was seen that the crowd at the ticket counter had increased. Many are buying tickets to their homes before the lockdown. Several passengers, including Jobayer Alam, have expressed doubts whether they will be able to return home due to increased demand for tickets.

According to the District Civil Surgeon’s Office, the corona of 4,165 people has been identified by examining the body samples of 34,000 people in Rangpur district till Saturday. So far 83 people have died.

Meanwhile, the district administration has set up a mobile court in Rangpur to enforce hygiene rules. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Overall) Golam Rabbani conducted the operation at various important points of the city on Saturday afternoon. Executive Magistrate of the district administration Mahmud Hasan Mridha, city corporation officials and scout volunteers were present at the time.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Golam Rabbani said, “We are working to comply with the 18 directives of the Prime Minister.” I am making sure that no one leaves the house without a mask. Those who roam without masks are being fined.