April 12, 2021


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Terrorist attack in Mali kills four peacekeepers, injures 19

At least four peacekeepers have been killed in a terrorist attack on a UN peacekeeping camp in Agualah, north of Mali. 19 people were injured in the incident.

The UN mission said the attack took place on Friday.

UN sources described the attack as “extremely horrific”. The attack was carried out on motorcycles and cars. About a hundred attackers took part in it.
According to the source, the clash between the two sides lasted for about three hours. Attempts were also made to detonate a suicide car bomb. About 20 attackers were killed in the counter-attack by the peacekeeping mission.

In a statement, UN Secretary-General Anthony Guterres said he strongly condemned such a horrific attack on terrorists and praised the courage to deal with them.

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Yemen’s Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi says Saudi Arabia and its allies are seeking a way out of the crisis in Yemen.

He said the aggressor countries in Yemen are now in a difficult situation and that is why they are now looking for a way out.

He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Yemen’s Al-Masira television channel on Friday evening.
“We have been challenging the so-called Arab League aggression on the basis of various information and coordinates that have angered Riyadh, Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv,” the Yemeni defense minister said. But as long as they maintain the aggression, they will face counter-attacks.

General Atifi said Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies did not want to concede defeat in the war in Yemen but were now trying to flee to protect those involved in the war.
Crowds are expected to take to the streets of the capital, Cairo, to witness an unimaginable and historic parade of ancient Egyptian rulers.

On Saturday, 22 rulers from thousands of years ago will take part in this lavish and expensive procession. Among them 16 are kings and four are queens.

The mummies of these ancient rulers will be taken to their new address in a tidy car. They have been in the Egyptian museum for so long. They will be housed in a new museum on Egyptian civilization five kilometers away. Named the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. From now on they will be there.
The kings and queens will cross this distance in a procession. It will cost millions of dollars. Strict security measures have been taken on the occasion of the procession considering the blood and dignity of the royal family.

In Egypt, these mummies are considered a national treasure. The location of these kings and queens in the procession will depend on their reign. That being said, their mummies will be taken away in the order of the reign. These queens range from the seventeenth-century king Sekenener II to the twelfth-century BCE king Ramses IX.

That being said, the main attraction in the procession is King Ramses II. People are more interested in him. He ruled for 7 years and is the most popular pharaoh in the New Kingdom. He is said to have been the first to sign a peace treaty.

Another Queen Hatshepsut. Although there was no female pharaoh in his time, he became the ruler.

Each mummy car will be beautifully arranged. In addition, special measures have been taken to prevent them from shaking on the road. The mummies have also been repaired to make them smoother.

They will be surrounded by a fleet of motor vehicles and replicas of horse-drawn chariots. The method of mummifying the corpses of pharaohs was discovered in ancient Egypt. But during this parade these will be kept inside some special nitrogen-filled boxes. This measure is taken to protect the mummies from the outside weather.

Salima Ikram, a professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, said: “The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has taken all measures to keep the mummies in a controlled environment so that they remain intact and stable.

These mummies were recovered from Thebes, the capital of ancient Egypt, between 171 and 1896. In modern times this place is known as Luxor.

Dr. Ikram says these mummies have been moved from one place to another before. They were brought from Luxor to the capital Cairo by boat across the Nile River. Some mummies have been brought in the first class carriage of the train.

Officials hope these will attract a lot of tourists from all over the world once they move to the new museum. This will boost the tourism industry, which is one of the main sources of revenue in Egypt.

The industry has been plagued by political instability and recent coronavirus epidemics. A year ago, a major outbreak of coronavirus was reported in Egypt. But since then, the ban on public gatherings has been lifted after a gradual decline in infections and deaths. The procession of kings and queens will also be broadcast live online.