April 17, 2021


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ZTE released their 5-G messaging white paper

ZTE Corporation, one of the world’s largest mobile internet commercial and customer-based technology-based telecommunications service providers, recently released its White Paper on 5-G Messaging. Which explains in detail ZTE’s 5-G messaging solution. The purpose of this white paper is to provide better services to the people and other industries through the construction of a 5-G Killer service.

The messaging service is the primary stage of operation. ZTE has spearheaded 5-G messaging solutions with the advancement of its 5-G network technology. 5G messaging has been divided into three categories of messaging services through the development of new technologies, quality development and terminal development of 5-G networks.

5-G Mini Messaging Service (SMS): 3G PP supports 5G network SMS as well as ANS (Non-Access Stream) as per technical standards and terminal capabilities. Which is basically a function of SMS according to 5-GNR access. The 5-GSMS system still offers basic SMS services. And with it comes the function and experience of that chitacharit sms.
5-G Advanced Media Messaging: For a long time, the functions and experience of conventional text messaging could not meet the needs of users. And at the same time the industry was hindering the development of major applications. Text messaging in the 5-G era has been upgraded to GSMUP 2.4 with advanced 5-G media messaging and commercial messaging services. This has resulted in a complete improvement in service and function, feature experience and quality of service.

5-G Internet of Things (IoT) Messaging: The standard and technical features of 5-GI OT Messaging are extensive communication, low bandwidth usage and lightweight. 5-GI OT has been able to establish a commercial connection between people and applications with objects through messaging commercial applications.

ZTE is one of the leading equipment vendors on the global 5-G messaging platform. In addition to long experience in network building, ZTE also has experience in conducting great commercial operations on the world’s largest messaging platform. Where 100 million users are served through a single LAN and the huge terminal is very finely adapted.

ZTE also delivered the world’s first 5-G massage from their platform on April 3, 2020, in Hangzhou, China. ZTE is committed to bringing operators to the telecommunications ecosystem 2.0 for the prosperity of the telecommunications sector in the future.