April 14, 2021


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Abbas stabs Mamata with a broken leg

This time Peerzada Abbasuddin Siddiqui of Furfura Sharif made a mockery of the broken leg of West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee.

A Peerzada of Furfura Sharif has commented that Mamata Banerjee is acting on the incident of breaking her leg. Khabar Anandabazar newspaper.

Abbasuddin Siddiqui said this while campaigning in support of the alliance candidates on Monday afternoon at Chapdani in Hughli.

He said that Mamata Banerjee is acting with her feet. Dancing with her feet on the bandaged legs. There is no reaction on his face.

Outgoing MLA Congress candidate Abdul Mannan and Serampore Congress candidate Aloka Ranjan Banerjee were present at the meeting at Gumodanga in Chapdani.

Abbasuddin, chief of the Indian Secular Front (ISF), said the people of Bengal were sitting in front. He stepped on them! Even if I win, I will kick in the face, even if I lose, I will kick in the face – that is his idea. Those who make such a big drama, think the people of Bengal are fools, they will be fools.

Appealing not to vote for Trinamool and BJP in the Assembly polls, Abbas said, “Do not touch the flowers written in the park.” Similarly, do not touch the grass and lotus buttons in the EVM.

But give us a hand in the sign, there is no prohibition. Put your hand on the hammer and sickle, there is no prohibition. Put your hand in your brother’s envelope, there is no ban. The letter of employment will come in the envelope with that hand. The work of the workers will match the hammer.

Regarding the police operation in the Nandigram land protection movement, he said, “We knew that the CPM was lying in Nandigram.” But what did Mamata Banerjee herself say! The incident in Nandigram was caused by Shuvendu and Shuvendu’s father.

Shuvendu and Shuvendu’s father was in which team then? They are also behind the murder of Tapsi Malik in Singur. Trinamool was in power for 10 years. The CPM could not catch a single person. Couldn’t prove it. Now he is saying that he will set up a factory in Singur on 20 kathas of land. If given a chance. We will not forgive those who play with us.

Earlier on April 3, during a campaign rally in Raydighi in South 24 Parganas, Mamata Banerjee addressed MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and Abbas, saying, “A BJP friend has come from Hyderabad. He also took one of Furfura’s chandras with him. ‘

After that, Abbas said to Mamata, she is arrogant, she doesn’t care about people. He says the opposite because Muslims are not with him.