April 17, 2021


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Britain is lifting the lockdown

It has been announced that Britain, which has been hit by the Corona virus, will lift the lockdown from Monday (April 12). From that day onwards, restaurants, all kinds of shops, gyms and saloons will be open in the country.

The country’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, made the announcement at a briefing on Downing Street on Monday (April 5th). At the same time Boris Johnson says, we don’t have a chance to suffer too much complacency. The outcome of the lockdown will be examined. Boris Johnson also said that the UK wants to normalize international communication from May 18 if possible.

Meanwhile, the level of new corona infections is increasing in different countries of the world. In view of this, Britain has banned travel to several countries including Bangladesh.

The country is also going to issue Corona Certificates for its citizens. This will let you know if a person has been vaccinated or if the corona test has a negative result or if they have developed immunity naturally.

Johnson also confirmed that his government would test a ‘vaccine passport’ system. This will allow citizens to travel to different places using some evidence that they are protected from the corona virus.

According to Waldometer, 43,72,150 people have been infected with the corona virus in Britain so far. Besides, 1 lakh 26 thousand 72 people have died in Corona.

Nearly 2,000 inmates have escaped after gunmen stormed a Nigerian prison, authorities said. The incident took place at a prison in the town of Overy, in the southeastern state of Emo. International media confirmed the news to the BBC.

The BBC reported on Tuesday (April 7th) that gunmen fired rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns, explosives and rifles, citing the country’s interior ministry. The attackers used explosives to blow up the administrative block of the prison. At the same time they use explosives to enter the prison. Later, 1,644 prisoners escaped from the jail.

Overy is located about 400 kilometers southeast of Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city.

A spokesman for Nigeria’s interior ministry told the BBC that 1,844 prisoners had escaped from prisons after the attack on Monday morning local time. 35 prisoners did not agree to escape. And after escaping, six prisoners returned.

Nigerian police, meanwhile, have blamed a banned separatist group, the Biafra, for the attack. However, the group has denied any involvement in the attack.