April 14, 2021


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Jaya Bachchan next to Mamata in Kolkata

Jaya Bachchan next to Mamata in Kolkata

West Bengal assembly elections are frozen. This time in the election, the change of party of the stars is getting more attention. Many star candidates stood in the election. Again, some did not stand in the election, but went to the campaign of the party of choice.

Actor Mithun Chakraborty has entered the field on behalf of the central ruling party BJP in the Assembly elections. In response, Mamata also gave new rice.

According to the Trinamool Congress, Bollywood’s famous Bengali star Jaya Bachchan will campaign for the party in the state. Jaya Bachchan will campaign for the grassroots in the state for four days from Monday. News Indian Express.

Samajwadi Party Rajya Sabha MP Jaya. Politics is his long wandering field. Good relationship with Mamata is also long. Although she was in Mumbai for work, she came to West Bengal repeatedly after receiving Mamata’s call.

Trinamool All India Spokesperson Derek O’Brien told Indian media Anandabazar Digital, “Prominent actress Jaya Bachchan is coming to stand by Mamata Banerjee. We are grateful to him. Why is he coming to Bengal, why is the Bengali girl standing next to Mamta. He will inform about it in a meeting with the journalists. ”

He added that the Trinamool parliamentary party will give a reception to Jaya Bachchan. Jaya will stay in Kolkata till April 6. And on 5th, 6th and 7th April প্রচার these three days he will continue to work for Mamata throughout the state.

He will campaign for Mamata twice a day in the Assembly. But before that, on Monday, he will campaign on behalf of Arup Biswas in Taliganj assembly constituency. BJP candidate Babul Supriya is in this center.

Suchitra Sen is the golden name of the silver screen. Bengali international star. She is the first Indian actress to win an award at an international film festival.

Suchitra Sen has equally enriched not only Bengali, but also Indian cinema. Hard work, skill, beauty, perfect acting and mountainous personality made the audience dreamy.

Suchitra was born on this day in 1931 in Pabna, Bangladesh. If she had survived, she would have turned 91 today.

Suchitra Sen was stubborn and stubborn since childhood. She studied at the Government Girls School in Pabna. Fluent in conversation, very humorous in him. Ananya made him feel the moderation of life. That’s why she said goodbye to her favorite movie more than her life while she was still an empress.

From personal life to career, he has left his impeccable talent in all fields. She got married to Divanath Sen. One daughter Moonmoon and two granddaughters Riya-Raima were the lifeblood of his life. But the love of the audience gave him a different fulfillment.

She is the first Indian actress to win an International Film Award. In 1983, she won the Best Actress award at the Moscow Film Festival for Bimal Kar’s ‘Saptapadi’. Laughing, Uttam Kumar sang the song ‘What would it be like if this path did not end?’ A revolution in the history of black and white film, ‘Saptapadi’ revolutionized Indian cinema.

After that, the Uttam-Suchitra duo became the cause of dawn all over the world and the Indian film audience fell in love with one hit and heart touching film after another. Uttam and Suchitra have teamed up and presented one hit movie after another – ‘Saptapadi’, ‘Harano Sur’, ‘Pathe Holo Deri’, ‘Sare Chuattar’, ‘Agnipriksha’, ‘Shilpi’, ‘Shapmochan’ etc. Apart from Uttam Kumar, he is equally popular when he sees ‘Sat Pake Bandha’ and ‘Deep Jwale Jai’.

He was equally adept in Hindi films — Sanjeev Kumar starred opposite him in ‘Andhi’. Dev Anand starred opposite him in ‘Bombaykababu’. Ashok Kumar starred opposite him in ‘Mamata’.

He was awarded the Padma Shri and the Bangabibhushan for his outstanding contribution to Indian cinema. No enemy could have imagined that his worldly smile would disappear in 62 years. Never thought that this path would really end one day.

Suchitra Sen passed away on January 17, 2014 after suffering a heart attack. Suchitra Sen, the dreamer, took away everyone’s laughter with a smile. That day marked the end of a golden age of Bengalis. But even today she is the heroine of all.