May 19, 2021


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At least 558 people have been killed in violence in Myanmar since the military coup

At least 558 people have been killed in violence in Myanmar since the military coup. More than 2,600 people are still being held captive. The watchdog AAPP reported the information on Monday.

The statement added that two Australians had been released from house arrest in the country. In the meantime, they have left Yangon for the country.

Protesters chanted anti-junta slogans on eggs at Easter Sunday, one of the Christian religious festivals. Overnight raids were carried out in all the important cities of the country. The protesters brought out a new video of beating unarmed civilians.

Meanwhile, thousands of people are taking refuge in neighboring India and Thailand in the ongoing air operations in the hilly areas.

A college student was killed when a covered van hit her in Barabari area of ​​Gazipur. The angry students beat the driver of the covered van and set the car on fire.

Locals said a covered van crushed Farzana Alam Meem, a student of Safiuddin Sarkar Academy, while crossing the road in Chandna area on Saturday afternoon. At that time, the people of the area quickly rescued him and took him to Tongi Government Hospital. The doctor on duty declared Meem dead.

As news of Meem’s death spread, people in the area also joined the ongoing protest with the students. At that moment, they beat the driver of the covered van and set the car on fire. He also blocked the highway.

Meanwhile, a college student was killed when he was hit by a pickup van at Belabo in Narsingdi. 5 people were injured.

According to locals, Abdullah was standing at the Narayanpur bus stand on Saturday morning with a field crop. Suddenly a pickup van crushed him and drove away. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared him dead. He has passed HSC from the local Haji Asmat College. Locals said the driver was talking on the phone at the time of the accident.

RAB has arrested six members of a gang of robbers with domestic weapons from Gate No. 4 of Bhawal National Park in Gazipur.

They were arrested on Thursday night. Abdul Kalam and helper, the driver of the covered van, who were injured in the attack, were rescued from the spot.

The detainees are, Intaj Ali Raju of Voraid area of ​​City Corporation, Md. Of the same area. Arif Hossain, said Dighi shed area. Al Amin Hussain, Sajjad Hossain alias Sajib of the same area, Md. Zakir Hossain, Sohag Mia and Md. Shakil Mia.

RAB-1’s Porabari camp commander Lt. Commander Abdullah Al Mamun said a team of RAB-1 raided Bhawal National Park on Thursday night on the basis of a tip-off that an organized gang of robbers had stopped a covered van, tied the driver to a tree, beaten him and looted his belongings. At that time, the accused robbers were arrested by conducting a raid in the deep forest in the 4th gate area of ​​the park.

From the accused 2 ram-da, 4 chapatis, 16 thousand rupees in cash for robbery and 6 mobile phones. Abdul Kalam and helper Ahmed Ali were rescued. The rescued injured victims have been sent to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital for emergency treatment.

During interrogation by the RAB, the detainees admitted that they were active members of an organized gang of robbers. Arif Net Spin Ltd. in conjunction with each other. Abdul Kalam, the driver of the covered van, stopped the speed of the covered van as soon as it came in front of the gate No. 4 of the National Park in Gazipur and took it into the jungle of the national park. Later, driver Abdul Kalam and helper Ahmed Ali were tied to a tree and beaten with iron choppers in different parts of the body. They demanded Rs 5 lakh from the representatives of the company as ransom and snatched cash from various development numbers.

The detainees confessed to their robbery, adding that if their robbery was obstructed, they would be hit by weapons, looted goods and even killed.