April 17, 2021


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To climb Everest, you have to wear a mask, put on your body and stop mountaineering

Climbing Mount Everest was discontinued last year as coronary infections continued to rise. About a year later, the Nepalese government allowed the climbers to climb Mount Everest again. In the last one year, Nepal’s tourism industry has been hit hard. Even Sherpas, who have been helping others in mountaineering, have been homeless for the past year.

They have been returning to their villages since the outbreak of corona in 2020. Many were even living by cultivating potatoes. Eventually they will be able to return to work. For now, the Nepalese government has allowed 300 climbers to climb Everest. The government of Nepal has said that the number of mountaineers will increase in due course.

Climbers have to follow multiple rules when climbing Everest. Mountaineering cannot be done without a mask. The climber has to undergo a corona test before climbing Everest. Stop climbing with your body on the ground. Mountaineers cannot cuddle with each other.
There will also be a medical team at Everest Base Camp. The team will be responsible for the treatment of infected mountaineers. The mountaineering season lasts from March to May. This season, only 300 climbers will be allowed to climb Everest. This time there is no opportunity to crowd. Climbers have to keep their distance from each other. Source: Times of India
Meanwhile, the Suez Canal Authority is planning to increase the width of the Suez Canal. On Tuesday, the chairman of the authority, Osama Rabbi, said that consideration was being given to increasing the width of the Ever Given ship on the south side.

The chairman said new cranes are also being arranged, which can operate at a height of 720 feet. There are also plans to bring two to three more tugboats. He said that work is being done in this regard in silence. The ship Ever Given got stuck in a severe storm on March 23. This has resulted in hundreds of shipwrecks causing massive damage to global trade. An investigation is underway into the shipwreck.

The chairman said the information had already been removed from the ship’s recorder and handed over to the inquiry committee. He said it would take another two to three days to report. No more will be taken.
Ethiopia has built huge dams on the Nile River. Sudan and Egypt have objections to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). But Ethiopia claims the dam is vital to their economic development and power generation.

But Egypt thinks this will reduce the water level in the Nile. Sudan also thinks that the flow of water in their country will decrease. They are also concerned about the safety of the dam. Both countries believe that Ethiopia has not complied with international law.

In DR Congo, representatives of the three countries sat down to discuss the dam. The discussion ended on Tuesday. But the dispute was not resolved. Egypt’s foreign minister says Sudan has offered international mediation. But Ethiopia did not comply. They are not willing to accept any mediation from America, EU, UN.
Egypt’s foreign ministry said in a statement that it had “no intention” of resolving the Ethiopian dispute.

Sudan’s foreign minister says Ethiopia has violated international law by building a unilateral dam. They have taken a firm stand in the discussion. As a result, the people of this area are in danger.