April 15, 2021


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India desperate to buy Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles

India is desperate to get a defense system for Russia’s controversial S-400 anti-aircraft missile. The foreign ministers of the two countries met in Delhi on Tuesday. S Jayashankar and Russia’s Sergei Lavrov led India. At the meeting, Indian diplomats raised questions about getting S-400. News from NDTV.

According to the report, Russia has promised to strengthen military-technical cooperation after the meeting in Delhi. After the meeting, S Jayashankar said the defense ministers would discuss the S-400 missile system next year.

India plans to acquire the S-400 anti-aircraft missile defense system from Russia in December. However, the risk of sanctions on Turkey is increasing on India. The Trump administration did not give any concessions to India in 2016 due to its purchase of military equipment from Russia. However, under US web law, the Biden administration can follow the same policy.
Meanwhile, after a meeting with Foreign Minister S Jayashankar, Lavrov said, “We have reaffirmed our commitment to military-technical cooperation.” The work will proceed according to its own plan and the possibility of producing additional equipment for the Russian army on Indian soil is being discussed.

Jayashankar said the defense ministers would meet at the end of this year on the S-400.

India builds Russian MiG fighter jets and SU-30 jets. The two countries are also working on the development and production of supersonic BrahMos cruise missiles on Indian soil.

The mother became suspicious when she saw her son’s future wife on her wedding day. Finding out, the boy’s future wife is actually his daughter, who was lost many years ago. On the day of the wedding, the mother became suspicious when she saw a mark on the son’s wife’s hand. He asked the girl’s parents whether the girl child had been adopted.

The girl’s parents were shocked, because no one but the two of them knew the truth. They adopted this girl about 20 years ago.

The girl broke down in tears when she found out everything and wanted to know about her real parents. He said that meeting the real mother is more joy than marriage.
Then the drama goes further. The girl objected to marrying her great grandfather. But the mother solved the problem. He said, this boy is also adopted, so there is no problem to get married. After losing all hope of finding her, he adopted her. Eventually the wedding ceremony was completed smoothly. The incident took place in China’s Suzhou province.