April 12, 2021


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In the world, 26 lakh 83 thousand people died in Corona

The onslaught of the second wave of global corona is not stopping in any way. The virus is becoming more and more dangerous day by day. Nothing is reducing the panic in people’s minds. Despite the discovery of the corona vaccine, the world is still in discomfort. In the meantime, the number of deaths in Corona in the world has exceeded 27 lakh 73 thousand and more than 13 crore 24 lakh people have been affected.

As of Tuesday (April 6th) morning, 13 crore 24 lakh 4 thousand 424 people had been infected with coronavirus and 26 lakh 83 thousand 503 people had died in the world, according to the World Omiter, a website that keeps statistics of cases of coronavirus infection and deaths. 10 crore 8 lakh 91 thousand 90 people have returned home after recovering.

The United States, the world’s most powerful country, has so far had the highest number of infections and deaths from corona. In the country at the top of the list, 3 crore 14 lakh 90 thousand 573 people have been infected with corona so far. 5 lakh 79 thousand 198 people have died.

In Brazil, which is in the second place in terms of infections and deaths, one crore 30 lakh 23 thousand 179 people have been infected so far and 3 lakh 33 thousand 153 people have died.

India, which is the third most affected and the fourth deadliest country in the world, has so far infected 1,28,64,046 people with corona. One lakh 75 thousand 57 people have died.

France is in fourth place in terms of attacks. So far 48 lakh 33 thousand 273 people have been affected by corona in the country. The virus has killed 98,065 people.

Russia ranks fifth in terms of attacks. So far, 45 lakh 69 thousand 540 people have been infected with corona in the country. Of these, 1 lakh 618 people died.

The United Kingdom is sixth, Italy seventh, Turkey eighth, Spain ninth and Germany tenth. Besides, Bangladesh ranks 33rd.

Coronavirus transmission began in late December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. So far, Covid-19 has spread to 217 countries and regions of the world including Bangladesh.

The incidence of corona has suddenly increased again in Canada. According to the latest data, the death toll from corona in the country has risen to 23,141.

The four major Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Montreal and Alberta have also seen a resurgence of the epidemic.

For this reason, the authorities have again strongly advised everyone to maintain social distance and comply with the restrictions.

The Ontario government is actively considering a stay-at-home order, but it is not yet clear whether the order will be issued nationwide or regionally.

About 15,000 new covid patients have been identified in Ontario in the past five days, and the pressure on new patients in ICUs is also increasing.

“We’re going to impose more restrictions very soon,” Ontario Premier Ford said Tuesday. We will then decide on the three areas of Toronto.

On the other hand, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has once again expressed his displeasure with the federal government over the supply of vaccines in Canada. He called it a joke after hearing news of another delay in vaccine deliveries last week. Doug Ford called on citizens to inform federal MPs about supply delays.

Last year, coronavirus was first identified in Canada in British Columbia. According to the latest data, the number of people infected with coronavirus in Canada is 10 lakh 20 thousand 793 people, 23 thousand 141 people have died and 9 lakh 36 thousand 458 people have recovered.