April 13, 2021


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The Women’s Asian Champions League will start in 2023

Japan won the Women’s World Cup in 2011. Apart from Japan in Asia, Australia and China have already established themselves as women’s football superpowers. But women’s club football in Asian countries did not gain popularity at all in Europe and the United States.In the last World Cup held in France in 2019, no Asian team reached the quarter finals. For the first time since 1991, Asian women left before the last eight.But the Asian Football Confederation has decided to hold the Women’s Champions League every two years. “It will definitely take women’s football a long way in the region,” said Bai Lily, AFC’s head of women’s football. If we can organize club competitions, it means that every player must have a club license. It is also important to bring the leagues in a good structure. It will, of course, help move the domestic league forward. At the same time, players from outside the national team will come up through it.

Bai Lily wore a Chinese jersey to the 2004 Athens Olympics. The AFC has already started working on women’s club football. Four club teams from Australia, China, Japan and South Korea participated in the Women’s Club Championship held in South Korea for the first time in 2019. The second edition is scheduled to be held this year and the third in 2022. The Women’s Champions League will be held after that.

Lily said work has begun on the details of the tournament. No final decision has yet been made on how many teams will take part in the first round of the Champions League or what its format will be.

In the men’s category, 40 teams are participating this year. At the end of the group stage, the knockout stage will be divided into east and west zones. The final match will be held with the winners of the two zones. Each country’s national team participates in the Women’s Asian Cup every four years. But I am optimistic that a big club competition will support the national team of virtually every country.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education has lifted a ban on public singing by schoolchildren in the face of strong reactions and criticism from the country’s people through social media.

In a statement, the country’s education ministry acknowledged that the ban was not in line with its policy stance.

Earlier, the ban was imposed last week. According to the ban, girls can no longer sing in public after the age of 12.

Afghanistan has issued such a law during the Taliban era. There is no way to sing in front of men. Male music teachers cannot teach girls songs at school or anywhere else.

However, the women of the country began to protest against such a decision. They protested the government’s decision by uploading songs through social media. After that the government lifted the ban under pressure.

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A gun attack on three massage parlors in Atlanta has killed eight people, including seven women. The incident happened on Tuesday (March 18) local time.

Police arrested a 21-year-old man named Robert Aaron Long just hours after the incident. He was arrested in Cherokee County.

Cherokee County Police Department Capt. J. Baker said four people were killed and one was injured in a gun attack at the Young Asian Massage Parlor in Cherokee County around 5 p.m., local time. The dead included two Asian women, a white woman and a man.

Police Chief Rodney Bryant told reporters that news of the robbery reached the police shortly before 6pm. Police recovered the bullet-riddled bodies of three women from a beauty spa. While investigating the incident, police officers received a call from another beauty spa across the road. The body of another woman who was shot was recovered there. The four women killed in the two massage parlors are Asian.

Capt. Jay Baker said Robert Aaron was involved in all three attacks