April 17, 2021


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Vaccine passports will not be introduced in the United States for fear of leaking information

The United States has rejected a proposal to introduce a ‘vaccine passport’ for fear that personal information could be leaked. The White House said on Tuesday (April 7th) that the government would not make such a decision. However, private companies can look into this plan. White House officials say citizens’ privacy and rights should be protected. White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said the government had not agreed to carry any documents as evidence of the vaccination. No federal vaccine database has been created. U.S. citizens are extremely sensitive to the privacy, security and discrimination of personal information. With that in mind, the government will issue some guidelines for the private sector.

He added that there would be no obligation to carry a central vaccination database or a vaccine document for everyone centrally. The government will not support any rules now or in the future where Americans will have to carry a certificate. Our intent on the part of the central government is very general, and that is to protect the privacy and rights of Americans, so that such rules are not unfairly applied to the people.
The ‘vaccine passport’ is basically a digital health pass. Which will match through some special apps. This app will have all the details related to corona infection and ticker. That is, whether you have been infected, whether you have been vaccinated, how long ago you were vaccinated. All such information will be in this app. The ‘vaccine passport’ will be made with that information.
At this year’s Ekushey Book Fair, model-actress Ashna Habib Bhabna has published two books titled ‘Pink Land’ and ‘The Tree by the Road had No Religion’. He recently went to the book fair. There is a debate going on about the clothes to go to the book fair after thinking. The actress is upset with this. He wrote on Facebook, is it my fault I went to the book fair after wearing a blouse? Really! Our grandmothers still wear hatakata blouses. Everyone is posting this picture, writing nonsense about me. Speaking of porn! Most of the people who post and write badly are men. What makes all men bad? My father never told me what to wear? What should I wear? Will you decide what we women will wear?

In another post Bhabana writes, I really have nothing to say. For the last three or four days I have been very upset, and frustrated and we can never really respect women! Talking about sleeveless blouses in 2021, I was humiliated on social media. There is nothing more shameful than this. In the sixties and seventies, our grandmothers used to wear sleeveless blouses. Even then it was normal. I believe there is still so. But at this time, because of the sleeveless blouse is talking – what could be more shameful than this? I just think of them, who go to the bus every day, who work in the parlor every day by rickshaw or walk home, every moment we have to be aware, do we have to fix the clothes? How disgusting is their mentality! These are the rapists.

I don’t care about that because I don’t have the time, or I’m used to it or I act, I’m seen on television, so “anyone has the right to say whatever they want about me.” And I don’t care, it’s always true, but I think about them, how many girls are the victims of cyber bullying all the time. Who are you to talk about my clothes? ‘Our government – if our police had given a little help, these crimes might have been reduced a lot. An example could be set if 10 such criminals could be caught and punished under the supervision of cyber crime. This example could have greatly reduced these crimes.