April 13, 2021


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The richest people in Corona

The global world of Karonavirus epidemic Millions of people took over unemployment losing work. In such a situation, the number of billionaires (billionaire) increased throughout the world. According to Fourbes Magazine, the number of billionaires around the world is 2,755 people. What kind of resources have increased to top billionaires in the world, today’s information today …


A person has become a billionaire every 17 hours around the world
During the taxes did not stop Bilionaire (billionaire) walked. After the Karonavirus epidemic of the world, Billani’s wealth increased at a wonderful rate. There are 2,755 billionaires around the world. Their total assets amount is 13 lakh 10 billion US dollars. This resource increased by 8 million million US dollars compared to the previous year. According to the list of forbes 35th annual billionaire, do not do the record amount of billionaire in the world in the epidemic. Compared to last year, 660 billionaire in the world increased in 2021. In one year, many hundred billion dollars could never enter the club. 493 of the newly involved in the list has become a billionaire for the first time. According to Forbes, a new billionaire in the world has been born every 17 hours. The previous highest record was 2015, he had qualified for new billionaires that year. The largest billionaire in the United States, 724 people as a country. The list is then China. The owner of hundreds of dollars in the country 698 This number is 140 in India. 136 people in Germany In all, at least one of the 36 countries this year, new billionaire has been created. The total assets of new billionaires are $ 2 billion. Their average age is 54 years. 88 percent of them are self-established Billionaire. Those who are not inherited, have been established in their own efforts. China’s 45-year-old Chain Zipping ($ 15.9 billion) among neo billionaires. Chain Zipping Steamage Device Production Institute Loan International’s founder and chief executive The 39-year-old girl in China is Kate Wang ($ 5 billion). Chief Executive Kate Wang of the Chinese Vapping Agency RLX Technologies In addition to this young billionaire, the title of the world’s youngest self-established woman Billaniyir won the title. The US Reality Show Star Kim Cardashian West is a new feather in the crown of success. The popular celebrity Kim Kardishian (1 billion dollar) is added to the list of billionaire. Whose beauty exceeds 10 digit numbers. Apple’s chief executive Team Cook ($ 1.3 billion) has been added to the list. Among the new Billyonia’s title, there are US citizens Mary Adelson ($ 38.2 billion), who owns the case of late husband Sheldon Adelson’s casino business and go to Billyonia’s forest. The youngest faces of the list Kevin David Lehman ($ 3.3 billion), only 18-year-old young German leading drug Store Chain-DM Droger MarcT’s heirs are Billyonia. In self efforts, Billyonia 26-year-old young Austin Russell (2.4 billion), who founder of Laser Leader Startup Luminar. It is a sensor-based device, which helps to see self-driving cars in 3D. Originally, the high value of the stock market and the high value of the cryptotechnology has been influenced by increasing the number of billionaires in the world, the Forbes said.


$ 151 billion

The world’s top wealthy ilon mask

Rocket manufacturer’s founder and chief executive, founder and chief executive of the Rocket. His name is involved with several large organizations including Tesla, PayPal. The list of top 2019 was on the list of 46 numbers. In the year, Amazon Malik Mask occupied the top of the list behind Jeff Besz (according to Bloomberg index in 2020). Currently there is second place. However, during the taxes, the amount of resources of Elon Mask increased. According to Forthern Magazine, Tesla and SpaceX owner of US billionaire Illon Mask are 151 billion dollars. It is learned that the amount of resources of Elon Mask increased during Tesla. He owns 20 percent shares of Tesla to create US cars. This year, the electricity-driven vehicle organization of Ilan Mask increased Tesla price. The company has become a market value of about 70 billion dollars in the market. As Toyota, Fox, Honeywind, GM and Ford’s combined resources are now less than Teslers. In addition to Tesla, there is ownership in the rockettators of space and other institutions.


$ 150 billion

France’s businessman Bernard Arnold

France’s businessman Bernard Arnold was the second top of the world for one day as a total asset. The time was 6th November 2019. After the publication of the amount of information in the forbes’s top riches in March in March of that year, the shares of the company owned by the land of Arnalt’s sky in the list of the royalists continued to grow. At that time, the price of LVMHich of Paris-based luxurious materials increased by 33 percent. But after the service, he could not hold the second place. However, according to the Information of Forbes Magazine, France’s businessman Bernard Arnild and Family are in the third position on top of the list of 2021, less than 1 billion dollars. Bernard Arnarts and the total assets of the family are 150 billion dollars. Bernard Arnold France’s LVMH (Luis Bhutton) founder and main

Bahari LVMH (Luis Bhuton) of the world-old luxurious content. Most of the shares of the company is the top billionaire Bernard Arnold and his family.


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$ 177 billion

Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bézos online Most of the Personal resources of this billionaire are Amazon shares. Since 2017, Jeff Bezos kept the world’s top wealth title. However, in January this year, the construction of the construction of Tesla Tesla was increasing in the top of the list, Elan Mask came to the top of the list. According to Forbes, the Amazon owner again got the title of the world’s top wealth, like the fourth time. Recently, the amount of shares of Amazon has increased in the rocket. In the Karonavirus epidemic Amazon has benefited from online stores and cloud computing sectors. As well as touching new milestones from resources, Jeff Bezos The amount of his total assets is $ 177 billion. His wealth increased by 64 billion dollars in a year. But his wife impacted the impact of divorce with his personal wealth.


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124 billion dollars

Microsoft Main Bill Gates

Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates. The responsibility of the company’s chief executive. In 1975, Bill Gates built Microsoft with friend Paul Allen. They created a popular operating software MS-DOS in 1980. Their operating system creates confidence in the user’s market. A short time operating software left Microsoft Windows in Windows. Microsoft Windows dropped in incredible response. In 1986, the company took place in the capital market. In 1990, the company started acquiring a technology institution after another for the operating software as well as expanding their trade. Bill Gates, one of the founder Bill Gates, one of Microsoft’s chief executive in 2000. Microsoft has reached the success of success in Microsoft. Bill Gates became rich in the world. A half-and-a-half-and-a-half-decade was in the world’s top rich seat. At present, this top rich Forbes Magazine’s list is in the fourth position. His total wealth is $ 124 billion. During the time of doing, the amount of his wealth was not very increased, but the top position of the list has kept the Bill Gates.


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84.5 billion dollars

India’s richest Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani of India’s top rich in Asia continent But in the tenth place in the list of top riches in the world. The total wealth of the billionaire in Indian is 84.5 billion dollars. In the last one year, the amount of its resources increased. The founder and chief executive of this top billionaire Reliance Industries Limited in Asia. During Karonakas, the share price of his owned organization was almost unchanged due to his wealth. Even after the situation, the share price of his organization continued to grow due to the increase in oil demand after the situation. India’s top rich fuel from the fuel sector came to his commercial empire technology and e-commerce. Last year, Mukesh Ambani transferred Reliance to some large companies including Google and Facebook, shares of $ 2 billion worth of Digital and Retail Units. As a result, the investment of various organizations including Facebook, Google, including Facebook, Google, continued to grow rapidly in his organization. And the wealth continued to grow. In the beginning of 2021, the Indian businessman behind China’s Jong Shan Shaman and became the top of Asia.


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97 billion dollars

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

The total assets of Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is $ 97 billion. Facebook’s co-founder is in the fifth position in the Forbes list. Facebook’s share price increases when the Chinese video sharing site ticket is launched a service called Instagram Reloss on behalf of Facebook. His total shares in Facebook is 13 percent. In Karonakaka, Zuckerberg’s wealth has already been discussed. In addition to introducing Instagram Reeles, he recently came to the discussion about the Anti-Trust hearing in Congress. In Coronakayak, the company has praised the special advantage of the office workers. Pratidin of the bangladesh

96 billion dollars

US top billionaire Warren Buffett

The best investor of all time is to admit the US Top Warren Buffett. It can be said that he teaches the investors. His father Howard Buffett was also an investor in the stock market. So Warren Buffett became the best investor in the world. He owns 60 organizations like Berkshire Hathaway, Insurance Company Ziko, Battery Building Institute Durcel and Dairie Quin. The Chief Executive of Berkshire Hathaway Company According to Forbes information, the US investor is in the sixth position in the list of top riches in the world. During his knowledge, his wealth increased. His total assets amount is 96 billion dollars.


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93 billion dollars

US Investor Larry Ellison

In the 19ths, Larry Ellison made a database in the US Emdal Corporation establishment. Software Development Laboratory formed in 1977 after getting encouraged. Later, in 1979, the name was changed and Oracle. Larry Ellison Oracle is one of the founder and chief executives of the Corporation, who has consistently taken place in the list of top wealthy in the world since 2014. According to Forbes Magazine Index, the US investor is in the seventh position in the list of top wealthy this year. He

The total assets amount of 93 billion dollars The US entrepreneur was already on the top list of Forbes. $ 91.5 billion

Google’s co-founder Larry Page

Google is nearby as close to us, its co-founder Larry Page is behind the screen behind the screen. Larry Page, US Computer Scientist. Internet company co-founder of Google and Alfabet. During studying at Stanford, friendship was developed with Sergei Brin. Two people together created web search engines. After studying studying, they started working on Google. That Google is serving millions of people today. And the Larry page gradually became the world’s top rich. The US billionaire Larry Page Forbes is on the top of the list of top riches. According to the index, his total assets amount is 91.5 billion dollars.

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89 billion dollars

Google’s co-founder Sergei Brin

Another co-founder of Google, Sergei Brin. Many people who know Google’s heroes. Google started Google in the garage of a friend of American computer scientist Sergei Brin and Larry Page. Friends, family members and some investors have initial investment in it. In 1998, after establishing the establishment of Google and the sky, they founded alfabates in 2015. In 2004, Forbes, the world’s top 400 rich people took place as a young millionaire in Sergei Brin. From that, he achieved the ninth position in the list of this year in a continuous success. Sergei Brin’s total assets are $ 89 billion.