April 13, 2021


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If war breaks out with China, Taiwan will continue to fight!

Taiwan has announced that it will continue fighting until the end of the war with China. Admiral Philip Davidson, the commander of the US Navy, also feared that China could launch an attack on Taiwan. “The indications we have are that the risk of an attack on Taipei is increasing,” he said. Meanwhile, China has sent more warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace. However, the Taiwanese foreign minister announced that he would continue fighting until the last minute.

Philip Davidson claims that China considers Taiwan as its part. That is why they want to connect Taiwan with the mainland under the ‘One China’ policy. The international community also supports the one-China policy. Almost all countries around the world have recognized Taiwan as part of China. Beijing does not accept any country’s attempt to establish state relations with Taiwan under the one-China policy.

The Chinese have been training warplanes in Taiwan’s airspace almost every day for the past few months. Taiwan’s defense ministry said 12 Chinese warplanes had entered its airspace on Monday. At the same time, a submarine destroyer flew over the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines. Taipei has sent a warning signal to these warplanes.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has come under fire for blaming women’s clothing for the rise in rape. Critics say such comments are a sign of “wonderful stupidity.” In an interview broadcast live on television, Imran Khan, who studied at Oxford University, said that if obscenity increases in a society, then rape also increases.

The former cricketer, who once lived as a ‘playboy’ in Britain, thinks that rape is on the rise in Pakistani society. According to Imran Khan, women should not wear open clothes to restrain men. Advising women to cover their bodies, he also reminded them that the key to the veil is to avoid temptation and not everyone has the will to avoid it.

Calling Imran’s remarks “factually incorrect, insensitive and dangerous”, Pakistan is now conducting an online signature drive.
Organizers of the signature drive believe such remarks by a prime minister will strengthen the rapist and rapist-friendly system. The Pakistan Human Rights Commission (PHRC) also strongly criticized the Prime Minister’s remarks, saying that all women victims of rape, from children to the elderly, were blamed for the release of rapists and oppressors.