April 17, 2021


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Congress will call for a permanent solution to the Rohingya issue

“We will continue to work to strengthen Bangladesh’s existing relationship with the United States on international, regional and bilateral issues, including climate change, counterterrorism and the Rohingya,” said Florida Congressman (Democrat) Ted Dech, an influential member of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee. During his visit to Florida on April 5, the Congressman was met by Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Washington M Shahidul Islam. At the same time, Congressman Ted praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s humanity in providing shelter to more than 1.1 million displaced Rohingya. The Democratic Congressman also expressed his determination to remain vocal in Congress with his colleagues on a lasting solution to such a humanitarian crisis.

It is to be noted that the organizational condition of the Caucus has deteriorated due to the failure of Congressman Joseph Crowley to win the 2016 elections. Because Crowley, a congressman from New York, was one of its founders. Alexandria Ocasio-Cartez, who won the Crowley seat, has been asked by expatriates. However, he is so busy in national politics that he is not able to take the matter of Bangladesh Caucus seriously.

The Bangladesh Association of Florida hosted an event in honor of Ambassador Shahidul on April 5 at Boynton Beach in West Palm Beach. In fulfillment of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s pledge, Ambassador Shahidul visited Miami with the intention of setting up a full office of the Bangladesh Consulate General.
In addition to hygienic community dignitaries, the event was attended by West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James, Boynton Beach Mayor Steven Grant, Pahaki City Mayor Keith Babe, Belle Glade Mayor Steve Wilson and South Bay City Mayor Joe Kyle.

Also present were Bryard County Commissioner Dale Holness and West Palm Beach County Commissioner Craig K. Weiss. City mayors and county commissioners welcomed Bangladesh’s decision and assured all possible cooperation.

Mohammad Zaheer, President of Bangladesh Association of Florida, the host organization, presided over the function. Among the prominent people were Junaid Akhtar, M Fazlur Rahman, Abdul Wahed Mahfuz. The commissioner handed over the keys of Broward County to Ambassador Shahidul amidst huge applause.