May 19, 2021


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Do not play with fire, China warns the United States

The United States has further relaxed restrictions on meeting US officials with Taiwanese officials. Outraged China has warned the United States not to play with fire, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday.

A report by Qatar-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera said the State Department had updated its guidelines last Friday by relaxing restrictions on US officials meeting with Taiwanese officials. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called on the United States to refrain from such actions.

Zhao Lijian also called on the United States to close US-Taiwan official-level contacts, manage the issue carefully and properly, not to mislead Taiwan’s pro-independence parties and not to undermine peace and stability in Sino-US relations and the Taiwan Strait. We are. ‘


China claims Taiwan as part of its territory. Washington-Beijing tensions often escalate over this sensitive region of China. The United States established diplomatic relations with Beijing in 1969, recognizing the Beijing government as the legitimate government of China. At the same time, relations with Taiwan deteriorated at that time. But the State Department’s updated guidelines on Friday reflected the United States’ desire to re-establish ties with Taiwan. The two territories have the opportunity to meet directly at the official level.

Meanwhile, as the United States began to lean towards Taiwan, China began to show its military might. China’s massive military presence in Taiwan’s airspace on Monday was the highest ever, experts said. On that day, 25 Chinese Air Force planes crashed in the skies of Taiwan. Among these aircraft were warplanes, capable of carrying atomic bombs. Earlier, China had said in a statement that it was doing so in defense of its sovereignty.